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4 Reasons Why Looks Matter

4 Reasons Why Looks Matter

Your Looks Are An Important Asset. Best To Make The Most Of Them.

We all like to say that our looks don’t really matter, but deep down we know that isn’t true. Our appearance plays a part in our daily interactions with people and as we know a strong first impression matters. I was watching a video on this very topic where they showed how better looking people got jobs easier, got paid more, got lesser sentences (if convicted), got more help, and did better in dating(duh) while also being seen as more favorable. As you can say. Looks are very important and play a big part in your life.

1. You Get One First Impression.

You only have one chance at a first impression to make sure it counts. If you make a bad impression you don’t get a lot. You want to make a good impression because it opens doors for you and makes life easier because you can get where you want to faster. Make it count and don’t waste it. People do what is called the halo effect where they ascribe a bunch of positive characteristics to you if you’re attractive.

If you’re good looking you’re more likely to be seen as competent and trustworthy. You’re more likely to be seen as a good person in general. People will think you are a more confident person. This works wonders in various areas of life as we can see in some of them below.

2. You’re More Likely To Get Hired.

So you go to a job and you’re preparing for your best day. You believe you give a good interview. You answer a lot of questions and you smile and make eye contact. At the end of the interview you also shake their hand. They tell you, “We’ll give you a call.” while they’re smiling. Meanwhile another person shows up, extremely good looking and well dressed comes in and charms the crowd. They end up being told that they can start Monday. What happened?

What likely happened is that they made a stronger first impression. When you look more attractive people will assume more positive things about you and would rather hire an attractive person. This goes for people hiring opposite genders as well as the same gender. If both people are equally competent and one was a better looking person and they both wanted the same pay most would hire the better looking person. Better looking people often get paid more too! Getting a job is an important part of life and this should not be overlooked. Remember that a good grooming goes a long way.

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3. People Treat You Better and Remember You more

Remember that first impression? People are more likely to remember you and see you favorably. They are more likely to see you as competent and as a good person. When they showed and experiment with two teachers one way more attractive than the other, people said the other teacher was nicer and smarter because they were better looking.

When it came to criminal cases people assumed the better looking person was less likely to be guilty and they faced a smaller fine. This effect is very real and goes through many parts of life. It could also be some correlation. People who are better looking, in better, shape, and better dress are probably more likely to be more going and ambitious as well so it could be a feedback loop.  It goes without saying  a little grooming goes a long way.

4. It Helps In Dating.

Ah the sexual marketplace. The most significant marketplace we all face. Our DNA has been hardwired to find certain traits attractive. This gives people who have these traits a significant edge over other people who don’t have the traits. Your looks are important. For men it judges their ability to get casual sex quickly. If a man is seen as attractive he will have more mating options and more relationship options (if he so desires). Many times men with lots of options don’t have to get into relationships as quickly as their sexual needs are met.

A woman who is beautiful has a higher amount of quality commitments. They can get a rich, attractive, or famous guy. If you go into rich areas you’ll often see many hot looking people in rich areas. People who are more attractive earn more money, have more options, and date other more attractive people. It’s natural selection in pure form.

Knowing this keep yourself in good shape and take care of yourself so you look your best. You won’t regret it.

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