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4 Reasons To Smile

4 Reasons To Smile

Smiling Is Better For You Than You Think

People always say that you should smile more. To be honest there’s some truth to it. Smiling is not only a way to look pleasant, but it also has a lot of other benefits. Here are 4 reasons you should smile more.

1. It’s Healthy

Smiling is actually healthy for you! It turns out that not only do you feel better, but if you currently feel bad that smiling can still help rewire our mind to think pleasant thoughts. So if you feel bad, smile!

I guess it’s similar to the concept of “faking it until you make it” where you work on your confidence or some other aspect of yourself until you end up actually being confident. Same with success. If you feel bad, smile anyways!

2. Smiling Makes You Approachable.

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We talk a lot about how being approachable is important in life. One of the major tenets here is working on your social skills because it plays a big part in how you’ll end up. Many people don’t take this seriously until they look up one day and realize that they don’t have the connections they need.

Having great connections allows you to get to where you want in life faster. It all starts with a smile. Having a great smile opens the door to communication. If you want to communicate well, learn to smile.

3. Smiling Makes You Look Better.

Looking grumpy or frustrated just makes you look less attractive and makes a bad impression. It makes you much less attractive to the people you want to date and it also makes you look untrustworthy.

You don’t have to have a big giant grin everywhere you go, but it doesn’t hurt to come across as approachable or friendly by simply smiling. People who smile more are rated as more attractive. That’s the way it goes.

4. It’s Free

Smiling is great for you and it doesn’t cost a penny. Why would someone turn down such a great gift? If you want to open doors for yourself, make friends, date more, and be more appealing to others a smile is the key.

The bottom line is that you never know who is watching so you should always be smiling. You can really make a difference in someone’s day.



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