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4 Times To Be Stubborn

4 Times To Be Stubborn

Stubborn Isn’t Always Bad

We always hear how we should be pliable and not be stubborn. We hear that we should be kind and friendly and always be willing to go with others. There are some cases where this is true and you definitely don’t want to be excessively difficult to deal with. However there are times where you should dig in your heels.

Here are 4 such times where being stubborn pays off.

1. Your Passion Counts

When you really care about something and you don’t want to give up. When you want something really badly you have to stick your heels in and keep pushing when it doesn’t make sense to most. In reality many people are just scared or fearful of failing and they push their insecurities on everyone else.

There are many people who started businesses, pursued dreams, or did other great things and we all had to hear from the naysayers. Part of success is knowing to deflect the naysayers and go for what you want. This doesn’t mean that all criticism is bad. Many times people have something intelligent to say. If it’s just general negativity, cut it out and stick by your guns.

2. When You’ve Been Wronged.

Many times people have been told to “turn the other cheek”. There are times where this makes sense and you don’t always want to be petty and seek vengeance as it just simply isn’t worth your time from a pragmatic point of view.

However there are many times where something is unfair or wrong and you’re better off fighting it. Not only for your own sake directly, but because people need to know that you shouldn’t be trifled with. If other people see you as weak they’ll often take full advantage of it and try to walk all over you. You have to dig in your heels and get them to stop or else you’re finished.

3. When You Have Been Told You Can’t Or Shouldn’t Do Something.

Many times people or society will tell you that you are incapable of doing something or that you shouldn’t do it. Something that goes against the norm, the grain, or that people will say is unconventional. You have to realize that to get into your comfort zone you often have to take many risks and do things that other would see as odd.

A good example of this is asking someone out. Many people see this as odd to do during the day. If guys do it they’re seen as “creepy” and if girls do it they’re seen as “desperate”. In this case if you don’t go against the grain you’ll have a harder time doing what you want in life so it’s best to go against it.  The Millionaire Fastlane says a lot about avoiding naysayers.


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4. When Your Health Is On The Line.

A good time to definitely be stubborn on something is when your health is on the line. Many people may think it sounds weird to say this, but many sacrifice their health to bad diet and bad exercise. You need to be able to say no when your friends want to treat you out to ice cream. You need to say no when people tell you to not “exercise all of the time”.

If you have friends that have no ambition and don’t care, you have to be the person who does care and you have to be able to resist the urge to do things that are harmful to you. Your health is one of your main priorities and you should never sacrifice it for anybody else.




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