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5 Best Ways To Keep Cool

5 Best Ways To Keep Cool

Stay Cool.

It’s hot outside and you want some fast relief that’s simple and cheap. Here are some ways to stay nice and keep cool at a low cost.

1. Cover Your Skin

This one seems obvious in some ways but it’s also confusing for some people. People know that the sun can burn their skin, but what do most people do? Wear short clothes. This makes you feel more “hot” in many cases and the sun is cooking your skin. On top of that people don’t wear enough sunscreen.

If you look at people in hot climates, you’ll see they usually cover up. This way the sun is off of them. I often see people ask me how I wear suit in the warmer months. They fail to realize that the suit keeps me protected the sun. It breathes and works well. It’s much like a hat. If you wear an appropriate hat (not a sweater hat or insulated hat) in warmer weather then you’ll feel great because it keeps the sun off of you.

It’s the same with clothes. Cover yourself up. It doesn’t need to be something thick. use something thin.

2. Fans.

Fans are great as well and people know about them. However there are different types of fans.

1. Normal box fans.

2. Tower fans.

3. Ceiling fans.

4. Window fans.

5. Car fans.

Yes there are fans for basically every situation. Some great ones are the window and car fans. Windows are great for getting fresh air in your room and sucking the bad air out. Definitely great an cost effective.

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Car fans are also excellent. Simply plug one in your cigarette lighter and it has low power draw. This is great if you have to sit still in your car parked and you don’t want to leave the car on to run the ac. These can be had for as cheap as $12 for the good ones. Get one.

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3. Water

Of course drinking water is great for hydrating you but did you know you can cool yourself off with it as well? You should be drinking lots of water for health reasons anyways as it cools your body naturally and relieves toxins but you can also use it on the outside. Putting ice or cold water on your body when you’re hot makes a big difference and is a very effective and cheap way to stay cool. Keep some ice cold water for you for that purpose. It makes a huge difference.

4. Cooling Pillow

These are great for staying cold as the actual pillow is cold. If you have a hot night when you just can’t get to sleep then using a cooling pillow can help you relax easier by being cool. It’s another way to stay cold and for a low price.

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5. Cold Cloth

An age old secret to being cold is to simply having a cold cloth and to put it on your skin. You can put a cloth (or a cold pack) in the freezer and use it when necessary. For quick cooling put cold water on a cloth and then use it on your body and then you’re cool. Keep things simple and keep them cold.



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