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5 Natural Ways To Get To Sleep Fast

5 Natural Ways To Get To Sleep Fast

Sleep is an important part of life that many people neglect. Without healthy sleep you will have a harder time functioning. With enough of a lack of sleep you can have serious consequences or even die! While most of us aren’t going to die from a lack of sleep it is still important to get an adequate amount as it’s how the body heals itself. Here are 5 ways to get to sleep fast.

1. Get The Temperature just right.

You don’t want to sleep in a room that feels too hot or too cold for you. While most would think this is common sense, there are many who sleep in rooms that are just too uncomfortable for them. If you are using blankets you probably want to have your room more on the cooler side. Use an air conditioner or use a fan to get you to sleep.  In cold weather I have a small box heater that does the job if I need it to.

In colder weather and temperatures you might want to turn up the heat. Alternatively you could use a box heater or simply wear more layers. You’d be surprised how easy it is to sleep when you’re more comfortable.  Here are some good fans and heaters below.

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2. Get the Right Pillow, Blanket, and Mattress

If you are sleeping on something uncomfortable, good luck getting to sleep fast. You’re going to want to make your bed the best you can. After all you spend 25%-33% of your day there so it might as well be comfortable. I recommend some quality sheets and some memory pillows that help support your physique better. An added bonus is that you’re less likely to wake up sore or with a crick in your neck.

A quality mattress makes sleep much easier as well. You want a mattress that works with your spine and the way you rest. If you do not do this sleeping will be much harder.

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3. Make Sure You Eat Properly.

I’ve talked about diet many times. A good diet can make or break your sleep patterns. A junky diet can make it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep as well. Stay away from foods that spike your blood sugar and also don’t try to go to bed hungry. A hungry body is a body that has a hard time sleeping.

You also don’t want to eat poorly or too much as it can make you feel sick or bloated and make sleep harder as well. In terms of minerals diet also helps you sleep well.

4. Get Exercise

A well exercised body is a happy body. When you work out well, you are burning off energy and releasing stress which makes it harder to sleep. People who are in poor shape often have worse sleeping patterns. Furthermore getting a light workout before bed can help put you to sleep quickly. If you have a hard time falling asleep try getting a workout. For those of you i n a relationship this also includes sex. It’s a healthy and fun way to burn off fat.

5. Read Up!

One of my favorite methods. Reading a lot puts exercise on the eyes which makes it easy to fall asleep. It’s also good for your brain and helps relaxes you. You can read scripture, fiction, comics, or even look at pictures. I find myself looking at drawings and other cool pictures until I fall asleep. It’s one of my classic and most tested tricks to get to sleep the way I want.

These are 5 ways to get good and fast sleep! What methods do you use?


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