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5 Types of People You Should Avoid

5 Types of People You Should Avoid

In life we come across many different types of people. Some are good and some are bad. In a life where you’re trying to make your life better you want to aim for progress as much as possible. Being around the right individuals makes this much better. As we’ve discussed in previous articles you want to be around the best people possible and avoid the ones who drag you down. Today I want to discuss who you should avoid in life.

1. Negative People.

Being around negative people simply isn’t enjoyable at all. When you’re around people like this they are always down and upset, they have a bleak outlook on life. A person like this can sap the energy out of you quickly. This isn’t necessarily even people who complain but they can be people who drag you down in the dirt with them. I have many people in my family like this. Whenever you say you want to do something big or interesting, they are always the first people to try and find some fault in it or say that you can’t do it. Meanwhile these people sit around all day accomplishing and doing nothing. If there is any person to avoid being around, or avoid hiring for that matter it is a negative person. They can drag the entire ship down with you quickly.

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How to Detach from Negative People:: While Maintaining a Positive Attitude

2. Complainers

Complainers are a big thorn in the side. Nothing ever goes right, everything is the world’s fault, and they always have something to say about another person. I know many people like this in my family as well. What makes it so bothersome about these people is the idea that they’re somehow perfect and that everyone else is as fault when it comes to everything. These are the people who are constantly shooting down some idea or something meanwhile they do nothing themselves. These people act like perfection while doing nothing to improve their own lives.

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3. Unmotivated people.

Unmotivated people can actually be fun to be around in many cases. They can even be fun loving and exciting. The problem is they don’t actually plan on going anywhere in life. Whether it’s the person who wants to party and chase boys/girls all day or people who want to play video games all day and do nothing, unmotivated people will only low you down. They’ll say you work too hard and too often and that you should “take a break”. While there’s nothing wrong with taking a break, these people are always ” on break” and their futures are taking a break also.


4. Jealous People

Some of the most insidious of the lot. What’s worse is often the most jealous individuals are the people who are the closest to you. Most people are afraid that someone they know will surpass or leave them and when they see someone do well in life or move forward they will feel intimidated, angry, or left out. I have many family members like this. They often made poor choices in their lives and then refused to take responsibility for it and then they attribute the success of others to luck. These are the people who never grow because they let their venom and resentment of others hold them down. Definitely avoid these people as it never ends well.

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Difficult People: Strategies for Dealing with Toxic People.

5. Gossipers

One of my least favorites as well along with the jealous types. They are the types who do nothing useful but have all of the time to spread venom about others behind their back. I always find this especially annoying because they often will tell me things like this and I’m thinking to myself, “What’s the point of telling me this?” The reality is that there was no point. These people like to feel better by belittling others and just have too much free time on their hands to do something useful. With people like these it’s best to say something like,” Well not everybody can be perfect like you.” and then move on. If these people talk about others to you, they talk about you to others.

6. Moochers

These people are also bad. They’ll constantly ask for a handout at every turn because they feel entitled to it. These people are the last people to be giving themselves but think that everyone else owes them something. They will attribute their own misfortune to bad luck and constantly look to others to bail them out. Do *not* treat lending them money as “helping” them. It’s no different than giving a drug abuser more drugs. More money doesn’t solve bad money skills. Most people don’t realize this and perpetuate the problem.

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A Nation of Moochers: America’s Addiction to Getting Something for Nothing



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