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8 Things You Should Always Buy Used

8 Things You Should Always Buy Used

Great Things Don’t Always Come In New Packages

People often say they believe in saving money, but like exercise they often don’t actually do it. Many just talk about doing it. One way to save money is to get out of the habit that you have to buy everything new. Many things are better bought used because the savings you get are far better than the benefit of a new item. Here are 8 items below that are exactly like that.

1. Cars.

Cars are probably t he biggest savings you can make simply by owning a used model. Depreciation on a new car is one of the biggest losses you can have. You can lose 20-40 percent driving it off the lot. If you drive a luxury car new you are especially taking a huge hit.

Why not buy that car gently used and save 40-50% by purchasing a car used? You can even get leased ones that are still in great condition used. There’s demos you can get and you save money on insurance, registration, and other fees. Cars have a long lifespan now and people aren’t going to know it’s used other than you and maybe your family in most cases. It’s better to save the money and get something that’s still nice.

2. Clothes.

Cloths are some of the fastest depreciating items around. You can buy a very expensive outfit, wear it one time, and then try to sell it and get less than 10% of the value! Many great outfits are worn once or never worn and then people try to sell them. The reasons for this could be numerous. It could be for an event that never occurred, or the person gained or lost weight. It could be for a job that they no longer have. In any event used is the way to go.

This is especially great for higher end items where the difference in quality is great. Some great dress shoes or a suit can be had for under $100 if you get them used. Make sure to check the size. It’s better to buy a quality used item than a cheap new item. Again nobody else will know but you.

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3. Exercise Equipment.

You definitely don’t need new equipment for exercising. Decent exercise equipment is designed to last for a long time. If you get dumbbells for instance it won’t matter if you get them new or not. They’re concrete and are going to outlast you. Same thing for punching bags, jump ropes, or any other equipment you might buy.

The exception is something that might be hard to find, like a nice vest. If you can find a used one get it. If not buy it new.

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4. Lower End (Non Gaming) Computers.

Definitely worth buying used. You can get some very nice computers from a friend or something similar. Since these are very basic spec and are used for mundane tasks, you only need to make sure they work. The turnaround on these computers is pretty quick so you can always have a nice one.

I also did something similar for a business/art computer. It was a very expensive device new. However I got it for $200 instead of $3000 or so new and it suits my needs fine. Definitely worth checking out.

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5. Books

Also worth mentioning. Books are often purchased digitally nowadays but you can find great books at a fraction of the price with no damage whatsoever. Another perk of this is that you can get books that are highlighted. This is great for study purposes *cough* school *cough*. Just be sure the person you got the book from wasn’t an idiot.  With college books being so expensive , this is a great idea!

6. Television and Other Electronics

Televisions serve one basic purpose-to be looked at. If you find one that works when you plug it in, then it is pretty much good to go. The same thing often goes for appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves. These aren’t complex to understand and you can save big bucks on them cheap. People are constantly upgrading these items so just wait until someone moves and then buy.

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7. Instruments

An instrument is something that if taken care of will last. Drums, horns, woodwinds, they all last a long time and are very good if taken care of. Why spend 2-3x the price on something new when you can get something used at a great deal? It’s especially worth it if you want to get a higher quality instrument, like a wooden one. Go used.

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8. Furniture.

Similar to television and other electronics, there are simply tons of great furniture out there. Many people get rid of furniture because they upgrade, or because they move or lose their home. Do them a favor and give them so me extra cash buy purchasing their stuff off of them and using it for yourself. If it looks clean and tidy then it is good to go!

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