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Starting a Legacy

Infinite Transcendence was created with one goal in mind, to enrich the lives of everyone who visits the website, including myself. My own knowledge, experience, and views are what forms the topics and the style of this website and I wanted to cater it to people who wanted to grow but also have an entertaining experience as well. That way people can enjoy themselves while learning to grow which in turn will push them to grow further.

My experience starts young where I was born in Mississippi extremely poor. I was in one of the poorest areas in the country with the highest teenage pregnancy rate. Many of my own family fell into this mindset. Seeing this environment around me stuck with me my entire life even as I moved with my family to Michigan and later Georgia. Michigan had much of the same mindset but I eventually settled into a decent area. Over the course of school I was involved in many activities and other things and I had a million things I wanted to be when I grew up. I always had a lot of skills and talents so it was hard pinpointing what I wanted to do as I liked so much.

One thing I quickly realized is that I definitely didn’t want to work at a job. I did work with my father in his side business when I was younger and during my first job I decided I wanted to go into business for myself. I did a few a couple of other jobs during my off season but I never stayed long at any of them because I just didn’t find them enjoying or challenging. I was just sitting there doing busy work while someone else owned the asset. I wanted to be the guy owning the company, not the guy working in it. Add on the politics and all of the other hassles of a job and it became intolerable.

Later on in 2009 I had a very rough year in business, faced with this fact I decided to take a plunge and go all in. I realized that it was either now or never and it was going to be tough for a while. I invested in the right tools for the job. This eventually led to me having complete freedom from a job and I eventually got so productive and managed my time well enough that I could be out only one day a week which freed me up to do other things.

In that time I was on the road a lot and engaged in other hobbies such as gaming, artwork, and reading. Eventually this started to feel stagnant and I wanted to move on to something else. I wanted more things out of life and I wanted complete freedom to travel around the world and do what I love.

That leads me to this moment in time where I constantly challenge, strive, and work on improving myself. I have built several sites in the past for different purposes such as business and entertainment and I wanted to give something else a try. This is the beginning of a new journey so let’s see where it goes.



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