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The 4 Part Guide To Become A “Jerk”!

The 4 Part Guide To Become A “Jerk”!

“Who’s to say what a jerk is nowadays?”

1. Being A “Jerk” Is Not A Bad Thing.

One of the common insults people hear through life is the “jerk” insult that people throw out. What does that word mean? People usually say it to mean that a person is rude, insensitive, aggressive, violent, or just unpleasant to be around most of the time. Of course this is viewed negatively based on this term and we’re supposed to avoid that attitude and behavior. Supposedly.

However what happens often is that the word is used as some catch-all phrase to describe people who don’t fall into line with societies expectations and guidelines. If a person doesn’t toe the line with religion, family, friends, school, or some other aspect of life they’re seen as selfish and a jerk. I’m here to explain why that isn’t a bad thing. People say they like niceness but what they really want in most cases is compliance. They want people to fit in with what they want and use words like “jerk” as shaming language to get what they want.

The problem is compromising with this point of view means you end up being treated like a doormat. Once you bow down and comply with that expectation from society you end up complying with all sorts of other things whether you like them not. Eventually people start using the “jerk” label to attack people who won’t give them what they want or what they feel they deserve to have. I’m here to say that if saying “no” to someone makes you a jerk, then be a jerk. Don’t let others bully you and beat you around with politically correct feel good nonsense.

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2. You Should Become A Jerk.

If you’re only going to live once, why live it under the boot heel of others? Why let people command your life when most people have no control of their own lives. Most live day by day barely making it but they have the profound knowledge to tell others how to live. It’s a truly baffling phenomenon. The reason you should be a jerk is to take control over your life. You should stand up and say “Screw you, I’m going for what I want!” Without worrying about losing dead weight and negative influences that are the other people.

The minute you give in to “niceness” you give into letting people have their way with you and determining your life. The nice end up finishing last because they don’t have the confidence to stand up for themselves because they’re afraid of making other people “angry”, even if it comes at the expense of themselves. I’ve heard guys say they wouldn’t ask for a paternity test if suspicious because they didn’t want to make the woman they were with angry. Screw that! If it comes down to my future and the identity of my kid being known I’m going with that over the feelings of someone who likely cheated.

If you keep people around at the expense of your own principle and beliefs you’re not really a “nice” and “good” person. What you really are is a complete chump. You’re weak and have no conviction. Anybody strong would never want to associate with someone so spineless. If people are trying to drag you down with their nonsense, you want to be a jerk so you put yourself first and tell them to get lost.

3. How To Be A Jerk.

To be a jerk you have to start putting yourself first above all others no matter what when it comes to your conviction. This doesn’t mean being reckless at all times but you need to set boundaries and expectations on what you have of people. If you don’t you ‘re going to run into the problem of people stamping all over your dreams by guilt tripping you and making you feel bad.

You need to use your time wisely and get rid of the dead weight. Spend your time around those who will make you make the most of yourself. Don’t waste your energy around the negative and the resentful. They’ll only serve to drag you down. That includes friends, family, and customers. I recently had a customer this past week who was way too difficult and complained way too much. They were the kind of people who would never be happy no matter what and just wanted to pile more work on you. They were accusing me of things that had nothing to do with me.

It’s the typical scenario I mentioned before of “no good deed goes unpunished”. I didn’t want to listen to it so they had to go. Zero tolerance policy and I moved on. It sucks when it happens but that’s a part of life. I simply told them that my company was there to do a job and if they didn’t like it they should find another contractor. That was the end of that and I moved on. Life is too short to be putting up with that nonsense.

Develop a “me first’ attitude and commit to it. Constantly develop and evolve your surroundings. Don’t let politically correct BS and garbage scare you into submission. Speak the truth. It doesn’t mean you need to pick fights as most people aren’t worth it but don’t let them drag you down either. Live your life on your own terms.

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4. Conclusion

Don’t let the word “jerk” get you down. With the way people act nowadays with the cowardice and the fear of being seen as “bad” even when they’ve done nothing wrong means you should embrace it. In reality the people who are the jerks are the people who try to belittle others and beat them down for not towing the line. Don’t be the individual who takes the abuse just to be liked and to fit in. You’ll find that in the long term, the cost simply doesn’t outweigh the benefits. Carve your own path.



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