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Clean Car On The Go

A Clean Car On The Go Is Easy

People are often on the move nowadays more and more. It makes sense to keep things clean with little effort. When you have French fries, grass, dirt, dust, and all manner of things dirtying up your vehicle inside and out you often need a fast solution. Thankfully you won’t need to look far. Modern technology has made cleaning cars cheaper and easier.

The Car Vacuum

Enter the car vacuum. In the past when I wanted to vacuum my vehicle I used to have to get an extension cord, a rug, and a vacuum and drag it all across the house just to get some simply cleaning done. I also had to position my vehicle in an inconvenient way just to get the job done. Now I remove all of those steps and simply plug things into my cigarette lighter.

The car vacuum is great. You simply plug it into your cigarette lighter and go. It’s small enough to fit under your seat (the device is smaller than your typical shoe box) and you can clean up when needed. No more waiting until your vehicle is a complete mess and then cleaning it because of the hassle, you can have your vehicle nice and clean for dates and anything else.

If you want a fast and easy way to clean your car, I definitely recommend you get one. It’s neat, convenient, and you can even clean out the filter in a few seconds. Just open it up and remove the dust and then rinse the filter out when needed. It can’t get any easier.

The Instant Detail Spray

Need to clean the outside of your car quickly but don’t have soap and water handy? With the instant detail spray you simply spray the areas you need to spray.  Afterwards you wipe where you need to wipe. This is great for spot cleaning especially and keeping things clean in between bad weather. If you’re stuck in a rainy season and can’t do a full washing, this is great for getting the dirt off of your car.

It would get pricey if you used it for this purpose all of the time, so just think of it as a maintenance solution. That said since most people don’t wash their cars all that often (except when they’re brand new) this is better than nothing.

Keep It Simple

These are some basic solutions that are very effective. They keep the cost of cleaning down significantly while allowing you to save time.  Time is money and there’s no reason your car can’t look good while you’re on the move.  Keep is great with these steps!


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