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4 Reasons Why Waiting for Perfection Is a Fruitless Decision.

4 Reasons Why Waiting for Perfection Is a Fruitless Decision.

Make The Most With What You’ve Got!

Waiting for perfection is dangerous when it comes to accomplishing your goals.  In life many people want to wait for the perfect time to make a change and do something differently. They wait for the perfect time to approach someone they like, they wait for a perfect time to change their job or do something new.   Many also wait for the perfect time to start up their business or another similar strategy. The problem with waiting for the perfect time is that the perfect time often never comes. Perfection in opportunity often comes from an imperfect time with excellence of execution. Waiting for the stars align to make a decision will often mean that you end up losing out on that opportunity while someone else makes the most of it. You have to learn to get out there and to stop procrastinating.

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Have you ever sat around waiting for things to be “just right” before starting something new?  Have you ever wanted to wait until you were a little bit older, made a bit more money, until your kids were out of the house, or something similar just to get out of your comfort zone?  If you are doing this, you are likely waiting for he perfect moment.  This is very harmful on your path to success and here are 4 reasons why:

1. Waiting for Perfection is Engaging In Mediocrity.

By waiting for things to be perfect before you start doing them you effectively do nothing which means you end up being mediocre.  What you eventually realize is that a decent something is better than a perfect nothing.  By actively choosing to do nothing, you are making a choice by default.  You are making a choice to not take the opportunity and learn something new, whether by success or failure, acceptance or rejection.  You only have one life, so make the most of it.  Why live in the mediocre when you could try new things and create new experiences?  The sting of failure and disappointment is ultimately short-term compared to the regret of never trying.  Remember that with nothing ventured there is also nothing gained.


2. You Should Strive To Make Opportunities Instead of Waiting For Them.


People who succeed in life go out and do different things. They try different things and experiment to see what works. They welcome and embrace failure- and then learn from it! This is the opposite of what the average person does. Most people spend their lives trying to avoid failure and actively avoid taking risk. They don’t want the possibility to fail because they don’t want to leave outside of their comfort zone. They want things to be like they always have been. When you have the attitude of keeping things the way they always have been, then they will stay the way they always will be well into the future. People keep the crappy job they hate for many years out of comfort. They miss out on the person they thought was attractive but never talked to (guy or girl). Sometimes they stay in miserable relationships out of fear of starting anew. They never start the business they wanted to so they never got to taste success. All through life we hear about people who “could have been a contender”.  The Millionaire Fastlane Talks about how to avoid that path in great detail.

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3. Become A Contender Instead of Wondering What “Could Have Been”.

Don’t be a person who “could have been” but never tried, be the person who goes out and does things. It may be scary at first and you *will* fail, but when you fail and you are smart you will learn and grow from it. The people who succeeded in life often failed quite a lot. There’s nothing wrong with it provided you learn from your failures. Also learn from your successes so that you keep implementing whatever got you there. Strike while the iron is hot and make sure you are looking for constant opportunities that keep it hot.   Otherwise you won’t develop as a person. I’ve heard many people tell me how they missed out on that one opportunity or how they didn’t make the move when they should have and the look of regret kills them.  Don’t be that person.

4.  You Don’t Want To Miss Out On Valuable Experience.

The problem with waiting for the perfect moment is that you end up missing out on valuable experience.  At first you wait until you’re ready for this, then that, and then all of the sudden you’ve waited so long that you really could have been further off ahead if you had gotten the skills from practicing and failing.  By avoiding these things in the attempt to wait for the perfect moment you have effectively sabotaged yourself in the long run.  Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.


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