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Don’t Follow the “Life Script”. The 5 Things You Should Avoid!

Don’t Follow the “Life Script”. The 5 Things You Should Avoid!

Avoid The Life Script.

Through our lives we always hear about how we’re supposed to do things.  From birth to death we’re expected to follow a certain road-map that society and our families set before us.  Considering we only have one life, is it worth following this script?  Life is full of changes and our cultures change all of the time. Surely we don’t need to follow a plan that others set out before us. Especially if we want to become exceptional.

You want to avoid following the life script the majority follows at all costs if you want a more fulfilling life. Pick the path of your own life and rule it the way that you desire. People pick the life of comfort and ease because it’s familiar and seems convenient. They also wish to win the approval of others. You’ll get far more out of life if you take new challenges and improve yourself.  This means doing things that others weren’t willing or capable of doing since they didn’t take the chance.
What is the life script? It goes something like this:

  1. Go to school.
  2. Go to college.
  3. Get a job.
  4. Buy a house.
  5. Get married.
  6. Have children.
  7. Die

As far as I know you can’t avoid dying just yet so you have to do that no matter what. It is also unlikely you can avoid school as a child since your parents are in control at that point.  Once you are an adult you have control of your life as you are responsible for yourself. Part of that is making the decisions that will be best for you and not just copying what the rest of the herd does.

Life Script Deconstruction.


Here’s why following this script can lead to problems mentally, emotionally, financially, and in terms of overall life satisfaction.

1. Go to College


College is extremely expensive. Students collectively owe over a trillion dollars of college debt they can’t discharge. More and more people are graduating and have no useful skills or credentials and are forced into debt slavery. You also can’t discharge this in bankruptcy so be very cautious with this path. If you choose to go to college, only go when you’re sure this is what you want or you’re going in a field that is profitable.  A liberal arts degree won’t usually be as profitable or productive for society as a STEM field.  Make sure you do adequate research.

College is a very large time and financial investment and you don’t want to have a mortgage with no house to go with it. It’ll make becoming financially independent much more difficult in your younger years where you should have freedom and options.  Save your money and buy  a Rapid Ramen Cooker and start your own business instead.  You can still have a near college experience and actually make money.  You can be as productive as possible and get good texture on your noodles as well!  Why settle for bad education and bad noodles?

Get the Rapid Ramen Cooker here!

Rapid Ramen Cooker.

2. Get a Job


A job is considered necessary by most but it isn’t reliable and it limits your options. If you depend on a job to take care of you for life you’re making a risky bet. If working 40+ years is the ticket to a secure future millions of people wouldn’t be destroyed in economic downturns.  What happens when the economy turns and you have no backup plan and lose your job? You can’t build true wealth at a job because you are leveraging your time for money. Wealthy people are paid for productivity and maximize their time by divorcing themselves from it.   In other words make your money work for you. Do a job if you must but work on building wealth and financial freedom through other means.

A great book on the value of wealth creation is The Millionaire Fastlane.  It covers everything you need to know to develop wealth, from the thinking process to implementation.  Don’t trade time for money, have money and time!  Honest and to the point is my style.


Get the The Millionaire Fastlane here!

The Millionaire Fastlane.

3. Buy a House


You should buy a home for a luxury or for enjoyment. It is not something you should do thinking you’ll get “rich” from simply by owning it. Homes are a large financial commitment and are an expense. The cost and inflation along with depreciation makes this a losing bet financially unless you’re looking to rent out rooms or you are a speculator. Buying a house and living in it means you are consuming it and should be treated as such. You don’t magically get more enjoyment from a home because you enter a mortgage.

You can rent and enjoy the same perks while keeping your freedom. This is especially wise in your younger years when you are going to be more mobile and are still finding your way. Things I thought I wanted as a teenager I realize I don’t need now.  Many books talked about the upcoming collapse of the housing market back when everyone thought it was a perfect bet and an easy way to “get rich”.  One good one from an author that predicted the crash in advance can be found in the book Crash Proof, which also tells you how to profit in the years following the crash.

Get the book Crash Proof 2.0 here!

Crash Proof 2.0.

4. Get Married


Marriage was once considered something that people were “supposed to do” but now more and more people are opting out of it for various reasons. The economy, modern times and a lower influence of religion on people’s lives, both genders in the work force, government programs, etc have all drastically change the way that people view marriage. People are waiting longer if they even get married at all, and if they do the marriages don’t often last very long.

Men should avoid this system as it is extremely disadvantageous to you. The laws are very anti-male and family court is designed around women at your expense. This means a man is putting himself in a very risky position where he can lose everything based on the unilateral decision of a woman. Biologically speaking men get more options the older they get and things often get better for them. Men should strive to keep their freedom as much as possible and enjoy their life and avoid taking this path as it’s the worst contract you can sign.   You get all of the same benefits by being unmarried so just live together if you need to (although I don’t often recommend this either).

In general though marriage isn’t necessary and don’t feel pushed to do it no matter what gender you are.

5. Have Children


Along with marriage you don’t need to have kids. In poorer societies kids are seen as necessary as a form of cheap labor and to take care of parents. However with modern costs and risks associated with it you can often have a kid and give up so much and end up with so little in return. Kids may be good or bad, and in many cases the parents aren’t in any mental, emotional, or financial shape to have kids. Honestly the most unsuitable people are the ones reproducing the most and they can afford it because we’re paying the freight for them!

Don’t look at kids as an investment. Plan and take care of yourself and enjoy having a free life without those worries. Many times people are envious and try to make you feel bad because you can live a life they can’t. Misery loves company after all. Research shows that people who have kids feel the happiest when the kids have left the nest. Children require a lot and it’s not something you can take back so choose carefully.

The bottom line is, don’t give up your identity and a more fulfilling life in order to follow others. That’s the path to mediocrity.  Live your life on your own terms and master it!  You only get one life.

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Living On Your Own Terms.


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