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6 Ways To Fight Depression!

6 Ways To Fight Depression!

How To Change Your Life and Not Let Depression Ruin You.

Don’t let depression ruin you and your mindset.

Your mood often affects how you perform in various areas of life. If you feel good you will often act with more pride, purpose, and confidence. If you feel bad you will doubt your decisions, take fewer risks ,and do fewer of the necessary steps that it takes to become successful. Part of mastering your life is having more control of how you feel and how you approach your day. Here are some simple and natural ways to do this:

1. Eat Well.

You can make yourself feel more depressed by your diet. As they often say you are what you eat. Junk food can cause chemical imbalances in the brain. This will make you feel more sluggish. If you feel bad and look bad because of your bad diet; it will only spiral into other areas of your life. Eat fewer processed foods and junk foods and focus more on natural and healthy foods.  Another reason to watch what you eat is because many foods that are high in sugar or carbs (especially if they are low in fat) can cause your blood sugar to spike.  When this happens your insulin will rise and then crash which can give you a “down” feeling and often headaches.  If you’re feeling bad then rising and crashing won’t help you feel any better.  Check the foods you eat because it can affect everything from how you look to how you feel, quite literally.

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2. Exercise.

Another part of mastering your life is by controlling your exercise. Exercise is healthy for your brain and releases endorphins which improve your mood. Exercising before you begin to take on the day can give you more of a sense of pride and purpose.  Combining this with your diet is a large step in the right direction.  Exercise will also improve the way you look and you will also have a better impression among others which can make you feel better.  On top of that you can have more options in what you wear and what looks good on you.  Your looks and appearance have an important role in everything from your relationships to your job prospects.  Do what you can to keep it in check.  A few simple tools like dumbbells, a jump rope, and a stability ball can get you started.

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3. Dress Nicely

It doesn’t hurt to make a good first impression and along with a healthy diet and good exercise can go a long way to improving how you feel. When people see you well dressed they will respond to you much better and take you more seriously.  On top of that you’ll feel much better and motivated about yourself.  You’ll often feel like you can take on the entire planet and that nothing can stop you.  If that’s not a motivation to keep yourself in great shape, what is?  You don’t have to be rich to do this, you can simply find a nice button up shirt and some slacks or something similar to look good.  If you’re a woman, a simple dress will go a long way.

4. Write Down Your Goals and Actions.

Don’t wander the day aimlessly. You need to prepare your goals and actions in advance so that you can tackle them day by day. This way you get a sense of accomplishment from them. The more you get done the better you feel about yourself which has a marked impact on your depression levels while moving you ahead in life.  Focus on making your plan and developing your process to follow every day.  Then you can work on your habits, goals, and dreams, and feel better as your life improves.  Create process and create a better life.

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5. Turn Off Mental Junk Food.

Spend less time on TV, video games, mindless web surfing, and other wasteful activities.  You need to focus on activities that are more productive. Often people feel depressed if they don’t have a purpose in their life. Create your own purpose by getting out there and making one and not by waiting for things to simply happen to you.  Take action withing your life and be proactive.  When you have lots of mental clutter it’s hard to focus on the things that matter in life.  Wean and off and stop indulging in it so much.

6. Get Some Fresh Air and Mingle

It doesn’t hurt to get out and get some fresh air.  Go and hang out with your friends, or better yet, get out and meet new people.  This will seem difficult at first but you will find that it will boost your confidence by overcoming things you once thought difficult like meeting new people or talking to someone that you’re attracted to.   Strengthen your social skills and it will pay dividends in other parts of your life.

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When you follow these simple steps you can get more control of your life and beat depression.




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