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Food Tolerance and Joint Inflammation

Food Tolerance and Joint Inflammation

Don’t Live Your Life In Pain. Free Up Your Life In The Proper Steps

I did a post earlier on skin inflammation and how to fight it. The reality is that most of it was based on diet and lifestyle. It’s the same thing for body and joint inflammation. A few years ago I found myself in more and more pain to the point where basic movement and kneeling down was extremely painful. I was wondering what was wrong with myself and how things could go so wrong for me so shortly. I thought there was no end to this problem.

Eventually I cleaned up my diet (I never ate bad, but I did eat some allergy foods) and I felt much better and things have been better for me ever since. Here are some steps that you can follow to remove the pain in your body and get things back on track for yourself.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is very common to people with stomach and digestive problems. It is also common with people who eat allergy foods. It can often be difficult for people to pinpoint down and they will generally just attribute it to something else and ignore it until it becomes unbearable and they go to the doctor. Often what happens is the doctor gives them some medicine which often makes the problem worse instead of fixing it.

Joint pain is simply a sign of inflammation in your body. It generally comes from a lifestyle choice, and it’s generally diet related. Two of the main reasons are based on your blood sugar and omega3 to omega 6 balance. Most diets contain too much sugary foods and too much omega 6 compared to Omega 3. With too much blood sugar the insulin level rises and one side effect of that is inflammation in the ways of body pain and often headaches as well. When your blood sugar crashes you can often feel sick or just exhausted.

Omega 6 is in a lot of foods but Omega 3 is hard to find in most foods. If you are not getting enough Omega 3 you’re going to get more inflammation. Omega 3 fights against inflammation. You need to make sure you’re getting enough fish in your diet (Salmon is the best) as it is a great source of Omega 3. If you don’t want fish you can eat supplements.

Stay away from sugar, diary, wheat, and corn. This will mean you need to cut on the processed foods and start eating more whole and natural foods. It sucks at first but your health is worth it.


Headaches are another symptom that people get that I wanted to cover here. These are often diet based as well. Often these are the result of excess tyramine. This is often in red meat or foods that have been sitting a while before eating them. Another reasons for headaches as mentioned before is blood sugar. When your insulin level rises and crashes you can get a headache from it. Finally you could be vitamin or mineral deficient or have a histamine intolerance. The best way to avoid these would be to avoid foods high in histamine.

Histamine Reaction

Another problem people have is with histamine reactions. This comes from certain foods that are fermented like beer, pickles, sauerkraut, and canned foods like tuna. Histamines can trigger a strong reaction in the body that are much like cold symptoms. You can have a stuffy nose, watery eyes, headaches, swollen throat, and many other problems. If you are getting severe reactions like this it could be the sign of a much worse problem like anaphylaxis. Get to the source of the problem and stop eating the food.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

Another issue could be that you are vitamin or mineral deficient. Vitamins and minerals like A,B-Complex, C, D3, and E help here. If you aren’t getting them from your food, you should take supplements.


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