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3 Reasons You Need A Website Blocker.

3 Reasons You Need A Website Blocker.

1. You Can Cut Out the Mental Junk Food.

One of the many obstacles to being more productive and successful are distractions. These come up in a variety of ways.  Phones, friends, significant others, kids, and countless other things can serve to distract. One distraction people often underestimate is the distraction from the very source of their own productivity in many cases. The internet. Yes the internet has become a powerful tool with many opportunities and ways to enhance our life. With that it has also come with many ways to distract us. This is why you might want to get a website blocker.  The book Unsubscribe talks in detail about cutting distractions out of your life.  Click to learn more.

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From YouTube videos to social media, there are many ways for people to dawdle around online. You can sit on forums, browse tweets, and spend time posting irrelevant things.  This time quickly drains by.  Before they know it the entire day has gone away and they have accomplished nothing. This is where a site blocker comes in handy. It allows you to block out entire websites and subsections. So whenever you get the urge to go to one of your guilty pleasures you’ll find it has been blocked off.


2. You Can Stay More Focused.

Time is money and the less time you spend distracted with nonsense the better. Not only because you won’t be spending time on other irrelevant things, but because you can keep your momentum. Keeping your momentum is crucial to productivity.  You want momentum because it leads to a snowball effect when it comes to getting things done. Getting distracted by going to a website here and there for 15 minutes means you have to start all over again. Once this happens enough times people in many cases throw their hands in the air and call it a day only to start the next day doing the same thing. Pissing away their time.

A website blocker keeps you focused on what you need to work on so you can eliminate the tasks needed. Once you finish with your important work, you can then focus on spending time relaxing.


3. You Can Diagnose Your Website Weakness Trends.

By using a site blocker you can also find out the trends you have when it comes to what is eating your time. For instance if you are a social media fanatic using a site blocker can help you cut down on it tremendously and make you aware that it is a weakness for you (the blockers often have a count of how often you try to log on with the blocker on). If you like watching random YouTube videos for hours, it can help you identify that as well.

For me I drastically reduced my online time from junk sites but what I would occasionally go on (and especially so in the past) were discussion forums about various things. These “discussions” were often just me arguing with boneheads and wasting my time. It’s especially bad when you can hear yourself saying things out loud while reading the kind of nonsense that comes from places like that.  You are better off avoiding places like that.

Your next step of growth might be finding a way to stay away from those things. You need to find something more productive to spend your time on.  Plan and schedule your day and stick to your goals and accomplish them.  A good scheduler is pictured below if you want to find out more.

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Time To Move In the Right Direction.

There’s nothing wrong with using a little help or tools from time to time to assist you in being the best you can be. The internet is a place saturated with distractions. A little help in fighting it back from the internet itself isn’t such a bad idea is it?


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