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Get An Epi Pen (Epinephrine Injector)

Get An Epi Pen (Epinephrine Injector)

A Severe Reaction Can Happen At Any Time!

Well as you guys know I had been eating salmon and talking about the sheer benefits of it and how it is great for you (and it is). Unfortunately for myself it didn’t work for me so well. I had some headaches a few weeks ago when I was at my cabin. I attributed it to the avocado oil I was cooking at the time, but it ended up being something more sinister.

As I was driving and taking care of business, I stopped to close my eyes for a few minutes as I had a headache. I started getting blurry vision and shortness of breath. Thankfully it went away in a few minutes but I decided to get an allergy pen just in case. Some people have allergies so bad they can’t be anywhere near fish. Thankfully that’s not the case for me.

Get It Cheap

The good news is that if you have allergies you can get a solution. The bad news is that the Epi-Pen brand is very expensive. It can push around $600 in some cases. There are other versions and CvS offers a generic brand. With a prescription (which you need) and insurance it can be had for as little as $10 (or even free in some cases), without insurance you’re looking at about $54 with a coupon. This is a good investment as you get two pens and they can save your life so get going!

Don’t let allergies completely control your life. Fight back!

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