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Halo Top Ice Cream healthy?

Halo Top Ice Cream healthy?

All that Glitters Isn’t Gold

In our goals to have a healthy life we aim to eat well and take care of ourselves. We want to have the most nutrition and if we can do it while still enjoying the foods we love it’s all the better. Many of us h ate having to cut out our favorite foods so when we see something That says it’s healthy *while* tasting good most people have their ears open.

Enter Halo Top, an Ice Cream that has been out since 2012 and has taken the snack food world by storm, surpassing Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Daas as the top pint “quality ice cream brand”. Is it quality though? This is what we’re going to discuss today.

Halo Top’s appeal

Halo Top is said to be “healthy” ice cream, as in health food. As in this is actually nutritious for you to eat, which is a dubious claim. Nonetheless it is high in protein and low in sugar, although it does have a sugar alcohol called Erythritol in there that they use to keep the sugar levels “low”. I’ll delve into why this is problematic in a bit.

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It is light ice cream. If you’ve had light ice cream before you’ll know that it tends to go down smoother. Indeed ice cream is rough for me to digest but after I had some of it I had no problems which was new to me. This was great.

Halo Top’s Problem.

Then came the bad news. The artificial sweetener, Erythritol started to give me issues slowly in surely. I started getting more and more headaches during the day which made me suspect it was the ice cream. Eventually I started to get more red bumps around my face. Which made me definitely think it as the ice cream.

After the last sample I had a bad histamine reaction to it (like I did with Walnuts) and I was in bed for a few days. This is where I knew it had to go, and that I also had to tell others to be careful. There are many people who have issues with this ice cream. Similarly to things like sugar free gummy bears. You’ll never hear about them in most cases so be careful.

The Takeaway.

Halo Top tastes good and isn’t as “bad” as other ice cream on paper if you can handle the sugar alcohol. That said if you can’t then eat another ice cream. Your best bet is to make your own ice cream because you can put all of the ingredients in them the way you want. It’s easy to do and saves money and is better for you.

Also to the people who were eating this day in and day out, don’t be foolish. Ice cream is not health food and it is lacking in vitamins and minerals. Dairy is also a major allergen so just enjoy it in small amounts.


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