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How To Look Good In A Suit: A 12 Step Comprehensive Guide.

How To Look Good In A Suit: A 12 Step Comprehensive Guide.

“You Can Never Be Too Good Looking, To Rich, or Too Well Armed.” – Marcus Kincaid, Borderlands.

Judge A Book By The Cover

Like it or not, people judge you by your appearance. People would like to believe this doesn’t matter, and those people are living in a fantasy. In life people don’t know anything about you when they see you and the only thing they have to go on at first is your appearance. If people have a negative perception about your appearance, they’re going to judge what you say less seriously as well and you’ll be at a disadvantage. Therefore it makes sense to make your appearance stand out as much as possible to give you the edge.

Also how you take care of yourself on the outside says a lot about you on the inside. If you go around looking sloppy and unprofessional it gives others negative thoughts about you as well. If you look like you don’t care about yourself why should others care about you? Therefore whether you’re going on a date, making friends, or just going about the day it makes sense to dress for success in every way.

Today we’re going to be discussing what is considered a lost art but also the highest form of dress- the suit. Master this and you’ll be well on your way to looking professional and showing a higher sense of self in your life.

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Enter The Suit

Suits are a fantastic and very versatile form of wear. In the past they were seen far more frequently and were essentially commonplace-even among those in lower classes and in many cases even homeless! Go look at an old movie or television show and you’ll see people dressed and presented themselves much differently than they do now. Even the Three Stooges were pretty much always seen dressed nicely, even if they were down to their last penny (which they frequently were).

Suits look great because when worn properly they cover your weaknesses while emphasizing your strengths. It makes a short person look taller, a thinner person look more built, and an out of shape person more developed. It adds professionalism and once you master the art of wearing one, you can even do so in any occasion serious or formal. In fact I go out that way all of the time (seriously).

Suits have been “the man’s” outfit for hundreds of years and add lots of authority and sophistication to how a man looks. So let’s actually learn how to wear one now.

How To Put It On

As stated before the most important part of a suit is how you wear it. Even a high quality suit will look like crap if worn the wrong way. A lower end suit can be made to look top class with the right touches. This section is critical for getting the style down.

1. Find something that fits: This goes without saying but a poorly fitted suit just looks awful. Go to a tailor (can be found at the dry cleaners) and get yourself measured. This will be good in case you want to wear anything else and you need to be measured- you’ll have the measurements handy. You can also now get your clothes adjusted to you if they’re close enough to your size.

2. Find a suit that goes with your look. If you’re short, use vertical lines. If you’re tall, go for a more wide look that balance you out. Do not wear green or white if you’re pale skinned. It will look odd and the green will make you look like a zombie.

3. Make sure the tie and pocket square (it’s a fancy handkerchief) go with the suit without being identical. The idea is to compliment the suit while balancing your look out.

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4. If you’re wearing a black suit with a white shirt, don’t use a black tie, black belt, and black socks. Try to mix up the colors a bit and throw in a brown or something.

5. Speaking of shoes and belts, make sure they also go together and coordinate appropriately.

6. When you are first getting your suit, get your core colors first.

Blue= business, something that’s professional for a meeting or interview type environment.

Brown= a friendly color for social settings like church.

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Black= this is a more formal look but can be spiced up with different shirts, pocket squares, and shoes.

Gray= this is just neutral and goes with everything.

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You can also get these in stripes and patterns if you like. Once these are taken care of, feel free to go for cream colors or something similar. Just build your base first and grow on it.

7. Speaking of growing on your wardrobe, get different socks, shirts, ties, pocket squares, belts, and shoes to update your look and make it more interesting and varied. This is a cheaper way to give the illusion of having more outfits than you really do as well.

8. With buttons do not button the bottom one. Only the top one (or two).

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Fabric and Care

Another part of a suit that matters is the fabric you choose and how to care for it. This is how you keep your suit looking good and polished for years and years to come. Who knows? Maybe you’ll give them to your grandchildren someday. Here are a few quick tips for this:

1. When it comes to suits it’s best to generally stick to wool. Worsted wool is best year round and is very durable. Wool breathes well, lasts long, and doesn’t stain a lot. It’s also less likely to wrinkle. Polyester doesn’t breathe well (it’s plastic) and other fabrics like linen tend to dirty easily as well. Cashmere is a nice fabric but it is doesn’t breathe as well so keep that in mind in the warmer climates.

2. Take your suit to the cleaners occasionally (depending on how much you wear it). You don’t need to every single time if you take good care of it ( you can just spot treat it). However some suits, especially a white suit will need it more often. It’s also a good way to get other parts of your suits fixed (like loose or missing buttons).

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3. On the topic of buttons. Do not sit in a suit with the suit buttoned as it will cause too much pressure on the button and cause it to loosen over time and eventually fall out. Unbutton your suit, although the vest can stay buttoned if you have a 3 piece suit.

4. Get a spot treater (looks like a pen and are sold by brands like Tide) for spot treating maintenance like when you spill your food on your suit. This will help you avoid going to the cleaners so often.

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Doing these things will enhance the longevity of your suit and keep you looking good for a long period of time.

Walk With Pride

With these basic tips on wearing a suit you’ll be able to utilize them in your wardrobe.  You should walk with confidence and own the place when you’re dressed in style! Remember fashion is looking good when you leave the house and style is looking good even when you come back home.


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