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3 Reasons It Won’t Matter When You’re Dead!

3 Reasons It Won’t Matter When You’re Dead!

One of the biggest mysteries of life are the people who do nothing while they’re living but constantly worry about what the world will think of them when they’re dead.  If this is what you’re worried about change your priorities now and check your vanity at the door. There are two big reasons you shouldn’t worry about this and they are:

1. Who Cares?  You’re Dead!

“Who will show up to your funeral when you’re dead?”

This comment always baffles me. It always seems like the people who say this are the same people who want to try to make the most of their death. They’re often worried about who will be at their funeral, who will cry, and other silly things.  None of this matters when you’re dead.

Oddly enough; these same people are the types that make no effort to improve their own life while they are living. They simply want to take solace in making themselves feel comfortable when they’re dead.  This is based off of some belief system or some hope that people will remember them.
The question is: What the heck kind of good is that when you’re already dead?!?!

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Life comes and goes for everybody and who liked and disliked you when you’re already dead won’t mean anything. Let’s be honest in most funerals people say entirely nice things no matter what.  This is because they’re afraid at upsetting “dead people”.  Many times in real life they couldn’t stand these people; suddenly once they’re dead all of the sudden they idolize the same individuals. Again, if people didn’t give a crap about you when you were alive, what good will that do you when you’re dead?

2. You Need To Make The Most Out Of Life.

How about you make your actual life the best you can make it and worry less about what happens after you’re dead? You have no control over what happens after you’re dead after all so it makes no sense worrying about it. This is a mindset thinking of the mediocre minded. The ones who do nothing with their lives in most cases and want to have death as some consolation prize.

If you’re just escaping life all of the time and waiting to be loved in death there is seriously something wrong with your approach. Who shows up to my funeral doesn’t matter to me much, since I’ll already be dead!


3. You’ll Almost Certainly Be Forgotten.

Except for a very small percentage of people who accomplish big things, most people will be forgotten in a generation or two even if they reproduce.  Their families will move on, split up your assets, and then go back to living.  Life isn’t about dwelling in the past and people will have other things to focus on and most don’t want to hear about the problems of others.  What was once great about you will be a distant memory to those who remembered you and then they’ll die too.  Worrying about the thoughts of others when you’re dead is ultimately fruitless.



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