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It’s Been Crazy Week But A Growth Week

It’s Been Crazy Week But A Growth Week

1. It’s Been A Busy Week

This is another post about something that goes on in my own life. I had quite a few errands this past week. Along with all of the storming that we’ve had this summer I’ve had a lot of delays which has affected the pace at which I upload content. I’ve had my internet shut down several times the past week or two and I’ve had to go to the library to get things done. It also affected my other business and my going out in general.

There have been a few moments. I did get a new pair of sneakers which was an interesting exchange because I almost never by “normal shoes”. In fact it’s been 10 years since I’ve bought a pair and the last thing I bought were Fubu shoes (which shows you how long ago it has been). I was talking to a friend and who was mentioning things to me I haven’t even heard of like the Nike Huarache. In the end I ended up settling for some red and black Nike’s I found that looked great and were $40 on sale in clearance. I don’t care about anything other than if they do the job. Shoes for me are for things like post office and trash runs nowadays.

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2. Site  Updates

In terms of business I’ve been into a few new things. I’ve been updating the old blog posts and changing the titles to make them more appealing and easier to understand. I’ve also started to branch out to using Pinterest to grow the site. I’m still getting the hang of it but I have hired someone to set it up and now I need to learn it as I heard it was great for growing business. I always saw Pinterest as a “chick’s site” and indeed about 80% of the users are women. I first remember seeing it around 2012 when one of my customers (a woman) was using it. It was mostly things like wedding dresses and the like all over it which probably shaped my perception. However growth is growth and I want the best avenues for it.

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In terms of the skin this week, it’s better than the last and it shows in my videos. I did some running around and I ended up getting some salicylic acid which should hopefully speed up the recovery process on my skin. I’ve also changed my diet around and substituted egg whites for turkey meat. Hopefully that helps as well as I noticed eggs would give me headaches occasionally and egg whites are expensive and low in fat anyways (which makes it hard to stay full). I don’t know if it affected my skin but I’ll have to see during the week.


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