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3 Reasons Keeping A Food Journal Is Important.

3 Reasons Keeping A Food Journal Is Important.

People might think that a food journal is just for health obsessed food junkies but it serves a purpose for everyone.  Having a healthy diet means keeping track of what you eat because you want to be able to know what foods affect you in what way.   Many times you can eat certain foods for a long time, only to have a problem with it later.  With a food journal you can rapidly speed up your diet process in terms of knowing what’s best for you.  There are many benefits of a food journal, such as:

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1. A Food Journal Allows You To Get Healthy Faster.


This past week was a crazy week, but I am reminded the value of a food journal. I spent the entire week in bed with a runny and stopped nose, swollen throat, and watery eyes with a headache. Did I have a cold? No. The weather has been rather warm this time of year (almost 70 degrees or so) and I dress in suits for the most part which keeps me extra warm.  I have an insulated sweater hat on top of that which I wear so it wasn’t like my head was unprotected.

What was the culprit?

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Walnuts. I had a bad histamine and allergic reaction to Walnuts. Normally I don’t buy them but the store didn’t have pecans. I decided to try them out and thought, “Well if don’t agree with me then I won’t buy them again.”  I found out they didn’t agree with me the hard way. The problem was that I thought I had a cold at first. The symptoms were similar. I had a stuffy and runny nose with sneezing (which are my main symptoms when I get a cold). However early on I had a swollen throat before anything else came in. I thought they were the walnuts at first and I was correct but the other symptoms came in and threw me off.  I find antihistamines are great for relieving symptoms and even migraines.  Try some out by clicking to learn more!

2. You Can Remember What Foods Cause You Problems.


A couple of days later my throat was fine and my symptoms were dying down. I thought, “Maybe I just had a cold.” . I ate the last of my walnuts and my throat was swollen all over again. When I took antihistamines I felt better pretty quickly which lead me to believe the walnuts were high in histamines. Once I did my research I came to my solution rather quickly!  Walnuts do spike histamine levels which led to the side effects I had.  I’m used to cutting foods out of my diet at this point and almost everything I eat is from scratch and cooked. The only exception I make are for nuts. Peanuts caused me to have a swollen throat as well as a headache and some breakouts. I’ve found that Pecans are the only nuts I can eat.  Even then I eat them sparingly.

Over time it helps to keep a log of what you can and can’t eat so that you can use it not only for future reference if you can’t remember everything, but also to see if there is a connection with the foods you are eating. You could have an allergy to corn, dairy, wheat, or sugar and not know it. People often have random problems and can’t figure out why they feel bad at random times. A food journal is the way to deal with this problem.


3. It Can Be Helpful To Others In The Same Situation.

No two people are affected the same by the foods they eat, but many people can still have similar allergies nonetheless.  Having a journal can help out someone close to you who might be having a similar problem but might not know what’s causing it.  I’ve had people who have had similar problems and didn’t know the culprit who were able to fix their problem much faster because of the experience I had with what I had eaten myself.  If I hadn’t done t his they would have still been trying to figure out what was wrong with them and the situation would have gotten worse.  Not only can a food journal benefit you, it can benefit others too!


Start logging your foods you eat that give you trouble and happy feasting!


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