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Key Traits of The Mentally Strong

Key Traits of The Mentally Strong

This is based off of a popular Quora Answer I wrote:


Mental strength is a key aspect of success as it determines how far you’ll go and how much you’ll push to get to the end destination of what you want. Do you want to be strong? Here are 13 traits that separate the fit from the unfit:


1. Mentally strong people live on their own terms.


They don’t live by the standards set by other people or the life script. They do what they feel works best for themselves because they realize they only have one life to live and they don’t want to be a part of someone else’s plan.


2. Mentally strong people push when things are difficult.


They don’t give up after every obstacle. They keep pushing above and beyond when things look their most bleak. The different between the strong and the weak is that the strong chose to keep pushing when they were at their weakest and the weak simply gave up and threw in the towel.


3. Mentally strong people are determined.


They have something they want in mind and they go out of their way to do it. They don’t let rejection or fear of failure stop them because they know there is no worse failure than not trying at all.


4. Mentally strong people don’t let naysayers influence them.


Don’t worry about what the crowd says. People are going to always criticize those who go on their own path, particularly the people closest to you. If you let them get inside your head now, then you’ll never get ahead.


5. Mentally strong people understand the value of mistakes.


They see mistakes as the path to the next great thing and aren’t afraid to fail. They see it as a screening process. The mentally weak fear failure and don’t want any part of it. They fail by default.


6. Mentally strong people say no.


Those who are mentally strong understand the value of the word no, and keep at it. They realize that the more they succeed the more they need the word no or else they will be drowned by distractions. Your goals come first.


7. Mentally strong people embrace change.


Most people are afraid of things changing because it is human nature to embrace comfort. The people who are mentally strong are trying to get out of their comfort zone all of the time. That’s what separates the strong from the weak.


8. The mentally strong adapt to their environment.


While most are complaining about how things aren’t fair, the mentally strong individual strikes out to make things as unfair as possible in his favor. He sees what’s around him and shapes it to make his setting work for him.


9. Mentally strong people don’t make excuses.


While the weak make excuses the strong find solutions. Blaming others is the easiest way out. Better to see what you can do better in the future and then fix it and make your life better. Blaming others will get you nowhere in the long run.


10. Mentally strong people aren’t afraid of being alone.


It baffles me how much people fear themselves. Do people really hate themselves that much and need to escape? Those that are strong know that introspective time is important in a balanced life and use it to make their next plan and focus on what to improve.



11. The mentally strong practice delayed gratification.


People who are mentally strong can hold off on the “now” and work for the later. They realize the returns in the long run is amazing compared to living in the moment. While others are enjoying the moment and regretting it later. The mentally strong cashes in big by waiting a short while first.


12. The mentally strong looks into the future instead of the “good old” days.


While most are thinking their best life is behind them, the mentally strong strive to make their lives better. What’s more depressing than to know that life will never get better for you? The mentally strong make life better for them every chance they can get.


13. The mentally strong take calculated risks.

They don’t wait for the perfect moment or try to be perfect. They get out and get the job done and learn along the way. The strong make things happen, while the weak wonder “What happened?”.

Be strong, don’t be weak. Get out there and get the job done.


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