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4 Principles of Mastering Happiness, Excitement, and Enjoyment In Your Life

4 Principles of Mastering Happiness, Excitement, and Enjoyment In Your Life

“I’m bored”.

How many times have we all heard this saying before? What about this one?

“I feel like I’ve hit a slump.”

These are the sayings of people who feel that their current life is lacking in fulfillment and excitement. People want something better for themselves but they don’t know what. They want life to feel better and be better overall. They want more fulfillment but they are unsure of how to get to that point.

To be completely honest, I’ve always hated this saying because it just smacked of intellectual laziness. The world is so large and so full of things to do with so many possibilities that I just can’t understand how someone can be bored. Take some new challenges and make your life more exciting if you want that kind of happiness. Don’t just wait for happiness to come to you. You should go out and seek it.

Before you go out and seek something, it is important to know what you’re actually seeking. I want to discuss mastering happiness, excitement, and enjoyment and how it impacts your life.

1. Happiness, Excitement, and Enjoyment.

When people say they want these things, what do they really mean?

When people talk about happiness, they seem to want an overall long enjoyment in their life that is complete and long lasting. Having a great career, family, social life are things that can often give people an overall sense of happiness that is long lasting. They want a constant and stable fulfillment.

When people want excitement that tends to be an intense but short term thrill. These people are often more aggressive and take more risks. Excitement is intense but tends to wear off quickly. Take a person racing a car illegally for example. They do it and get away with it and might even win. After they do this they eventually calm down over the next few days and then a week later they’re at it again. These people want a short term and intense feeling and are more likely to self-medicate with their habit. Excitement itself can be like a dangerous drug; many deadly habits are forged with the need for excitement.

With enjoyment it often seems to be a blend of the other two. People seem to often mention enjoyment with general hobbies and activities they like. It isn’t as intense as raw excitement but it’s not as long lasting as overall happiness. Many people might get enjoyment from reading or peace and quiet. This doesn’t need to involve anything crazy and risky either.

Which area do you find yourself lacking in? People might have a more long-term sense of boredom if they are not finding happiness in their life, or they might just want excitement, or just something to occupy their time. Three different levels of pleasure can also lead to three different levels of dissatisfaction.

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2. Take An Active Mindset With Happiness.

Instead of waiting for happiness to find you, go and seek it out. If you want things to get better, focus on making them better for yourself. Think of the things you enjoy or things you’d like to do and focus on making a plan to do them. Take a list and look at the goals you’d like to accomplish within the next 6 months or year and focus on tackling them.

Take new challenges and get out of your comfort zone. When you do things that you fear at first but then succeed at them you’ll have a much larger appreciation for life and what it has to offer. Nothing gets you out of boredom like taking yourself out of your element and facing something you’d normally fear alone. It doesn’t have to be life threatening. It can be a social fear which the mind often perceives as the same thing when it tries to keep us from doing them.

Take a public speaking class, approach and talk to someone you like (this goes for girls too!) or talk to a successful person and try to make them your mentor. These are all great ways to get out of your comfort zone and do something new. You can also find them richly rewarding things to do.

Treat your enjoyment as a journey that you want to excel and succeed at constantly instead of just a short term thrill. Thrills are nice in moderation but they need to be tempered with long term satisfaction as well to prevent burnout. Likewise some thrills can keep things from getting too boring.

3. Constantly Grow.

With your enjoyment as well as with other aspects of your life, you want to continue to reinvent yourself to accommodate your growing tastes. This is one thing people struggle with. Many times what you thought was fun and enjoyable grows old as you age. You might have a particular interest like gaming that was fun when you were a kid, but then you eventually just feel it’s redundant and tired. I know things I used to do in the past I don’t do as much and there are some hobbies I even revisit from time to time.

Many people have fads of enjoyment. Things like skateboarding, music, and other physical activities can come and go. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means you need to get out and try something new and reinvent yourself. You never know what you might like if you haven’t tried it. If you’re into clubs and music, you might find yourself liking art galleries for instance. If you never get out of the house, you might want to try more social events. Having a well balanced and interesting life helps you in many areas and is a great sign of personal growth.

Spend more time around people who seek excitement, enjoyment, and happiness. Surround yourself with those who want to continue growing and want to try new things versus being around the same old stagnant people. Change your mindset to continue doing this. If your friends and people you spend time with are always chasing quick thrills or jut never changing you might want to expand your circle or retract it somewhat.

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4. Take An Active Approach.

Don’t just wait for enjoyment to come; go out and make it. If you sit on the sidelines waiting for interesting things to happen, they will happen few and far between. When you take control of your own life and take a proactive approach towards things you’ll find you get more satisfying results. If you want to try something, go out and do it. If you have a spontaneous urge, go out and fulfill it.

Life is short and you only get one life so get out there and try new things. Travel and see the world. There’s a very large world out there that needs exploring. Hop to it!


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