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Modern Media Sucks

Modern Media Sucks

They Just Don’t Make Things Like They Used To.

Modern media is going downhill if you ask me. Things definitely aren’t how they used to be and the entertainment just feels much more shallow. What are some reasons for this?

Too Commercialized and Bad

What sells well isn’t what is necessarily high quality. It sucks but the majority often speaks. When it comes to music, movies, and video games many things are based on what sells the best and that often means making concessions in terms of story, depth, and quality.

Modern games seem to hold your hand more and carry you if you make a lot of bad choices. In the past you had to do more of it yourself and there was a reward to that level of skill.

Easy Access

Another potential issue could be that things are easier to get with the advent of the internet.

Now that you can log on and get things for free it makes it so there’s less profit and now companies have implemented many policies that fight this. This could also mean they release more dumbed down stuff to compensate for the losses they are receiving on the other end.

Content Is Dumbed Down

One of the biggest problems. Things just don’t have the feel they used to. Older movies in the golden era had a different feel and weren’t as formulaic with rehashed stories. Games were more skillful and less about transactions, and music was more original as well.

Until these things change I think the media will continue to suck.

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