Food is essentially medicine, so doesn't it make sense to log what medicine you're taking for future reference?

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There's a time to be stubborn. Learn the 4 times when being stubborn pays off!

Your Looks Are An Important Asset. Best To Make The Most Of Them. We all like to say that our looks don't really matter, but deep down we know that isn't true. Our appearance plays a part in our daily interactions with people and as we know a strong first impression matters. I was watching a

You don't want to have a bad sleep. Sleep right, and sleep through the night.

Don't let the heat get you down. Keep some ice around.

A good mood leads to a good day.

Never Lose Your Cool One thing in life we must always do is try to keep our cool. Life is stressful and puts many stressful events our way so we have to learn how to stay calm. How we cope with them shows how we will deal with many things in life and if we will

We all know water is good for you (I hope everyone knows it). It's something you should drink, but do you know *why* you should drink it? Here are 7 reasons you should drink water more, outlined below. 1. Water Cleans Out Toxins. Water helps flush toxins from your body by making you urinate more and perspire

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