Food is essentially medicine, so doesn't it make sense to log what medicine you're taking for future reference?

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Get Your Drink On! having a thermos is great for many reasons as I've described before. It allows you to keep water on the go and to stay cool while saving space. Today I want to briefly review the Stanley thermos. Durable and Convenient. The main thing about the Stanley thermos is that it is very durable. It's

Money Is Everything Money is very important, but people don't understand why. They just know they use it to buy things. This is what I want to talk about. Not about building wealth but about why money is important. Money Is Freedom Money is a way to expedite barter and increase the speed of getting what you want

All About Freedom A viewer asked me to make a video about Peter Schiff and the economy. I definitely like talking about Peter Schiff and his economic viewpoints as he is quite intelligent and great to listen to. Big Things On The Horizon The problems we have in this country are immense. We have a lot of debt

Blow Away Your Pain Magnesium deficiency is extremely common and isn't tested very often so most people don't know they don't have it. Here are some quick reasons why you should load up on magnesium. The spray is better than the pill because your body absorbs it easier to be sure to load up. Fix Your Migraine. I

The best things are often made at home. People like ice cream as a treat. It's often seen as delightful and nice tasting. The problem is that the ice cream in stores has all kinds of bad things added to it that make it not worth eating. Try it at home for a change! It's Cheap You can

A Severe Reaction Can Happen At Any Time! Well as you guys know I had been eating salmon and talking about the sheer benefits of it and how it is great for you (and it is). Unfortunately for myself it didn't work for me so well. I had some headaches a few weeks ago when I

Even the Biggest Mind Needs To Be Cleared We have a lot of burden and stress in our everyday lives and we have a lot of responsibilities. Work, school, dates, children, finance, and the list goes on. Do you go out and try to recharge your batteries? Today I want to talk about the benefits of

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