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2 Reasons To Remember your first love.

2 Reasons To Remember your first love.

Valentine’s Day Is Around The Corner. Do You Remember *Your* First Love?

Valentine’s Day is seen as a day of love, romance, and passion by some. Others see it as just a commercial holiday. Nonetheless the emphasis of the holiday is highly based on love. Caring, sharing, and all of those things make up the crux of the theme. Is it really important? Who is the first and most important person in your life. Who is your first love?  Why do we even celebrate it if people don’t remember the one person they should celebrate the most?  You don’t have to make it an official holiday, but there’s no reason to feel bad if you don’t have a Valentine.  It’ll be better for you in the long run if you focus on your one true love.

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1. I  Hope *You* Are The Love You Have First.

I hope that answer is right in the mirror. You are the person you see every day and are around everyday. You are in your own skin and you know yourself better than anybody else. You are the person who you should have the strongest relationship with. If you don’t have a strong relationship with yourself then how can you ever hope to grow and form a lasting one with anybody else?  Considering you have toe spend the most time with yourself and you know yourself more than anybody else, wouldn’t it make sense to have a great relationship with yourself?  You know your likes and dislikes more than anybody else.  I don’t worry about holidays, but I especially don’t worry about Valentines Day.  If anything you can use the day to meet new people because so many are lonely and looking to have some fun. Often the best experiences begin with a change in perspective.



2. True Love Starts With Yourself.

You have to put a priority in your life over who comes first and focus on that part. Many people focus on relationships with others, friends, families, coworkers and trying to do things for and with others. Many people are insecure and afraid of being alone or being seen alone. Don’t let this happen to you! Enjoy the freedom of being alone if you are and spend that time focusing on how to be the best person you can be that you love the most.  There’s a true difference in being alone and being lonely. If only people realized that being alone and doing your own thing is great and has its own advantages.  It’s definitely a lot better than being trapped in a horrible relationship or simply compromising so that you fit in.  Don’t let a commercial holiday make you feel otherwise.

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Remember to enjoy yourself today , and to focus on the person you should be celebrating!



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