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3 Fantastic Ways To Remove Clutter From Your Life

3 Fantastic Ways To Remove Clutter From Your Life

An Effective Way To Make Your Life More Productive Is To Remove Clutter From It.

Take the less is more approach by removing clutter from your life. Take away the things you don’t need and remove them. Part of getting the most out of life is getting to the meat of things and focusing on the small percentage of things that give you the largest percentage of good results. The variants of this are the 80/20 rule, the 90/10 rule, the 99/1 rule and so forth. The premise behind this is that there are a small percentage of things in whatever tasks you’re trying to complete that give you the largest amount of reward for your time.

The goal here is to get rid of all of the clutter and nonsense so you can focus on the things you need the most. By doing so you’ll find you have more room to improve on the most important things while saving time and money in the process.

What are a few ways to do this? Well you’ll need too…

  • Clear out the crap.
  • Remove all of the unnecessary noise.
  • Focus on the important stuff.

1. Clearing out the crap.

Your main goal is to remove the crap you don’t need so you can focus on the things that actually matter. Too often in life we accumulate all sorts of nonsense that takes up space and goes into the dark corner of the closet. Clothes, shoes, video games, all sorts of things we “have to have” right now ends up being “got to go” later. Many things people buy are in the heat of the moment or just instant gratification indulgences that are done on emotional whims. This is a habit you’ll want to cut out to improve yourself in this regard. It takes discipline.

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It will seem difficult at first, almost like you’re selling your children or something. Trust me, it’s liberating. I always clear out my stuff on a regular basis and I’m always glad I did. It’s really simple to add space into your house.  For instance multi hanger can work wonders for saving closet space.   You can also use a storage container to keep things under your bed.

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Get paid for it!

This part’s the kicker. Not only do I remove clutter, I’m basically getting paid to remove things from my life that I don’t need anymore and that are essentially dead weight. I’ve made thousands of dollar selling monitors, old games, outdoor equipment, parts, and other forms of entertainment. This money can be used to invest in something newer that you would prefer. Better yet it could go to a business or even be used to travel or fulfill some other dream. That’s one way to make lemonade out of lemons.

So what are some effective ways to get rid of stuff?

a. The internet.

The internet makes things very convenient nowadays when it comes of disposing of old and unwanted items. This is my preferred method. I can easily put up a listing on Craigstlist or Ebay and move items quickly. For collector type items and smaller electronics I generally prefer Ebay as I can make the most money from it and it basically sells itself. If I’m selling larger items like televisions or outdoor equipment I prefer to go the way of Craigslist.  With Craigslist you get paid in cash and you can meet locally for transactions. Just remember to meet in public during the daytime for safety.

You could also try Amazon. This can often pay more than Ebay for certain items especially if you don’t use the bidding function but it can also be slower as well when it comes to selling. If you’re trying to get rid of things quickly the bidding process or Craigslist will be your best bet.

b. Yard Sale

One classic way to get rid of your crap is through a yard sale. I don’t care for this option as much personally as I don’t carry such a large amount of items to really need to do it. I find online to be faster and more convenient and I don’t have to wait until the weekend to do it.

However if you’re moving or selling lots of furniture or large items a yard sale would be appropriate. You can make a lot of money this way and not have to pay fees as well. It’s a great time to get rid of smaller items while you’re selling larger items too. On top of that you can do it alongside neighbors to draw more people to you. Just make sure you keep track of everything!


c. Donate

Finally, you can donate your items. This is best reserved for clothing and books and other things that are difficult to resell. Just drop them off at a local Goodwill or give them to a friend. It’s better that someone who needs them more than you do use them other instead of the items just sitting in your closet unused. Who knows, you might find one or two things there that you could benefit from and get it on the cheap!

2. Removing Unnecessary Noise

Life throws us tons of distractions and other inconveniences that also eat into our life mentally. The goal here is to free up that mental space so that we can be in peak mental condition. When there are tons of different things causing noise, we become too distracted to focus properly. A few of these problems are primarily caused by the phone and other entertainment devices like the computer or video game systems. The other is largely caused by social media.

a. Phone, television, and the computer.

I know some people are symbiotically attached to their phones (ladies…) but you want to aim to reduce your time on the phone unless it’s productive or something useful. Some fun or entertaining talk is fine, but eventually you just end up on the phone for the sake of it. I know many family members who are on the phone ritually throughout the day and can’t figure out where the time has gone.

A method you could try is putting the phone on silent. Another is taking off all other games and distractions, and making a routine time in the day to check your phone. Perhaps every hour or so. Eventually wean yourself so you spend less and less time per day on the phone.

Your computer should be handled in the same way. Get a website blocker and stay away from other distractions like video games and wasteful emails. Make your time on the computer as quick and brief as possible and get back to working on what needs to be done. Time yourself and aim to finish quickly so that you can work on something else.

Television can be used in conjunction with your other work if it doesn’t distract you too much. You can also just watch television while eating and during other times where you’re occupied doing other things. I recommend books or other activities in those times , unless what you’re watching on television is particularly informative.

b. Social Media

This is one of the main devils of all. I personally stay off of this unless it’s business related but I know many people simply cannot resist it. This can be a large problem as people become addicted to posting and reading and following posts.  It eventually gets to the point where it grows to addiction. People end up so intertwined with the lives of others they can’t even focus on their own life and the lack of privacy and personal information on these sites can be another cause of concern with the way people post about themselves.

Here you want to just set a certain time of the day where you use these products and then focus more of your time on other activities. This way you’ll depend on social media less and less and focus more and more on making your life the best it can possibly be. Perhaps consider setting up a website blocker to just go cold turkey and see how that works for you. After a day or two of not using those sites the desire diminishes considerably. Treat it like getting over any other kind of addiction.

3. Focus on the important things.

Is your life where you want it to be now in all areas? What would you change if you could? How would you go about changing it? Do you have any goals in mind? Where do you plan on being in 5 years. These are things you’ll want to look at. The faster you become what you want to be, the better. The best way to get there is by taking away all of the non-essential filler that keeps you back.

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If your finances are lacking how will you get yourself on track and what course of action will you take to pay off your debt. Do you have a dream you want to fulfill like a business? Make a plan to action and execute it?  Master your time and manage it wisely.

The more your mind is attuned to developing yourself and evolving as much as possible the less the noise will distract you. It will get to the point that people bringing up most things won’t even matter to you anymore as it will all seem foreign to you.

a. Watch the company you keep.

Finally make sure you’re associating with the right crowd who will be helpful in your goal to push yourself in the right direction. Take dead weight people and place them far away from you, even if they are family. You want people around you who don’t drag you down with emotional and mental clutter. You also don’t want people around you who will resent your success and try to find ways to sabotage it.

Following these steps will allow you to get control in your life. With the clutter gone, you’re one step closer to fully evolving.



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