HomeGeneralRoll Down Your Windows: 5 Reasons Why The Hot Car Act Is Stupid

Roll Down Your Windows: 5 Reasons Why The Hot Car Act Is Stupid

Roll Down Your Windows: 5 Reasons Why The Hot Car Act Is Stupid

If you have been paying attention to the news recently you might have heard of a new act of legislation they’re trying to pass in regards to the hot car deaths. It’s known as the Hot Cars Act and is supposed to protect the lives of young  children by adding a safety device to cars. It sounds nice on paper but like the overwhelming majority of laws designed to “help” people it will ultimately backfire.

1. It Adds A Lot Of Unneeded Cost to Cars

This is a major one. It is going to cause more harm than good by causing a lot of unneeded cost on people who want to have cars. I didn’t read specifically if it would affect new and used cars, but it seems like it’s both. This will make cars more expensive which will hurt the poor the most and it will affect people who do not have any children and don’t need any such device. What if people get punished or penalized for not having one. This could make it so many people simply can’t drive at all. What will be the next step? Increasing taxes and involving bureaucrats? This will only make the problem far worse.

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2. Many People Already Die From Things Like Texting and Nothing Is Being Done About it.

If you look at the year 1990 until 2017 there are about 800 or so “hot car deaths” amongst young people. That isn’t even very much. It’s less than 30 people per year, so much of this is a knee jerk reaction. How many people get into accidents because they text and drive? Kid are often the largest cause of auto deaths if they are in the backseat and the parents have to turn around and deal with them. Why isn’t this being mentioned? Why “fix” a small problem when other much larger problems are abound?


3. This Can Be Avoided By Personal Responsibility.

This is an easily preventable problem that can be solved by simply being more responsible. There’s no need to pass a legislation for “idiot” crimes like this. The worst part is that people , generally women will get some light sentence and then be out breeding again. It’s absurd. Have a brain and don’t leave your kid in the hot car. At least let the windows down, but people are too busy worried about their cell phones and things like that and they leave their kids behind. Stuff like this would make Darwin proud.  You can buy a car alert to remind you to bring your child with you.

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4. You Can’t Legislate Common Sense.

You simply can’t legislate people to use common sense. How many people die from negligence or stupidity? How many people die from things like home appliances or tripping on obvious wet floors in their own home? How many people fall down the stairs because they’re not paying attention or use a ladder improperly? What about people who use electronics in the tub? Things like this are unfortunately going to happen and people like this should simply serve as an example to everyone else in life to not make the same bad decisions. It’s just the way life works.

5. Take Your Damn Kids With You.

This is a simple problem to fix. Simply take your kids with you. People need to realize that children are much smaller and their bodies overheat quicker and they can’t get out of the car like adults can. If you feel hot, the chances are the child feels extremely hot and might be in danger. If this is hard for you to understand and since people generally underestimate the time they spend in stores (women), then it’s simply best to just take the kid with you. If you can’t be bothered to take your kids to the store, then don’t bother having them.
It’s that simple.


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