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3 Reasons To Start Taking A Bite Out Of Junk Food Addiction!

3 Reasons To Start Taking A Bite Out Of Junk Food Addiction!

“A healthy body is a healthy mind.”

Junk Food Is A Dangerous Addiction.

What is something we consume everyday and that is important to us? Food. We eat food on a daily basis because it is a primary means for survival. For many of us food is a source of entertainment, leisure, and stress relief. Many eat at parties, eat fun food, desserts, food to celebrate, and food to take their mind off of different things. Food can be a catch-all indulgence in almost any situation.

This is where it can develop into a bad habit. Once you use food as a quick “reward” your mind becomes accustomed to it and you start to seek it out more and more. Since food is arguably the fastest and easiest means of “enjoyment” it can spiral into addiction very quickly. An addiction that can be just a painful, destructive, and expensive as any other addiction. The fact that it’s so readily available and accessible by anyone just spirals the problem.

I specifically want to discuss junk food. Healthy food can be regulated and enjoyed, but junk food is addictive and toxic. To combat junk food addiction you will need some ways to avoid it and to conquer it.  You also want a balanced diet with vitamins and minerals.

1. Food Isn’t All Harmless

Don’t think it’s no big deal. Food can kill, literally.

About 1 in 3 adults are obese currently! That’s a very large number (no pun intended). Once you include children and look at simply being overweight and not obese, some demographics push all of the way to 70%. This is simply deadly. Food contributes to 147 out of the 210 billion spent in preventative healthcare costs. Obesity leads to all sorts of problems like diabetes, heart disease, and an early death. For those reasons alone it should be troubling.

When you look at the effect it has on your life socially, it gets worse. People who are overweight are less likely to be hired, are viewed as more incompetent, paid less, and have a harder time socially and romantically. Being out of shape has a tremendous impact on all areas of your life. Therefore to transcend your life this is a *critical* area to master. Not only will it affect how people treat you, it will also affect how you think.

Junk foods are filled with common allergens such as wheat, sugar, dairy, and corn that can cause a plethora of reactions in people from joint pain to skin breakouts. They can also give you stomach aches in pains, inflammation, and affect your mood. When I had severe joint pain it took me taking out wheat and corn to fully get over it and I wasn’t even eating technical junk food. It was the recommended grains the food pyramid tells you that you need! Don’t always go by everything you hear. If food is giving you problems take an elimination approach to it and fix it.  Make sure you’re getting your vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Iron, and Copper.

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2. Junk Food Is Addictive

Not only is junk food dangerous; it’s also highly addictive. Junk food has been added with ingredients like corn syrup, sugar, and MSG (monosodium glutamate) to get you craving more. On top of that these foods affect your satiety which makes you feel hungrier.

Say that again?

These foods not only make you want them more, they also make you feel less full. This has to do with the blood sugar spikes and the way the food is processed in the body. The food ends up having you crave more and more and desire more junk
food which is intentional. If I’m selling you my product; I’m going to want you to desire more.

This desire to eat more and more food past the point of being food (and since it’s low quality food) is a main component of obesity . Americans eat larger and more frequent servings than other countries.


6 Ways Americans Eat Wrong (Compared To The Rest Of The World)

Not only that, but these foods have little of the nutrients that people need to eat to be healthy. So not only are you drawn to it, but you’re also drawn to want to eat worse food. It also gets expensive. When I ate out more when I was constantly on the road my food expense was much higher than now when I cook everything. That’s more money I can put to productive use.

3. Put the bite back into your life.

How can you fix junk food addiction?

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You have two choices. You can take the cold turkey approach or you can take the step by step approach. The cold turkey approach can rebound more often but with certain foods that give you severe side effects you might want to implement this. Overall in your diet you can take a mixed approach. Go cold turkey on one food at a time and gradually take more and more things out as you adjust. Use a food journal for this. I like this method as it allows me to keep a nice log of what foods affect me the most.

You also need to build healthy habits. Get into the habit of making your own food. The more you do this the healthier your food will be and your desire to eat junk will greatly diminish. You should also not fall into the “one more time” trap.

“I’ll eat this food one more time, I’ll stop tomorrow”

“This is just for the holidays”

These kind of sayings are the sayings of people who never quit. If you’re going to quit, quit now. Try it for a week and see how you feel. Cutting out junk food in your life isn’t a bad thing. Chances are you’ll feel much better and be less likely to try those foods again.

Substitution also works. For instance instead of wheat, you get the brown rice counterpart. Instead of cereal, eat oatmeal. When you slowly swap out meals this way, the desire to rebound lessens greatly.

Finally keep junk food out of your house. Make it hard to get so that you won’t have the desire to go and get a quick fix. The more you do this the more you’ll find yourself not bothering and eating something else (or not eating at all). Doing these steps will allow you to transcend and live the healthiest life possible.


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