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The 6 Key Components to Life Balance.

The 6 Key Components to Life Balance.

The Principles of Life Balance.


The key components to life balance are six basic categories which people struggle with or develop through their own lives. These attributes are all important but for most people they tend to be good at one or two and ignore the rest. Some people for instance take care of themselves physically and are popular. You’ve seen the attractive and popular people in your lives I’m sure. They develop the physical and social aspects of their lives in particular. You might know someone who is also good with money and finances. That individual would be working on their financial side whether or not they work on other areas. Not balancing these areas can have serious negative consequences.  Many books talk about the subject of life balance like the one below.

The six main areas of life balance this site covers are:

  1. Physical- your health, fitness, and physical well being. This is definitely important for obvious reasons.
  2. Mental- your current mental state, health, and overall well being and stability.
  3. Emotional- your current feelings and mood and how you feel about your life and the world overall.
  4. Financial- your financial state and well being. The amount of debt you have, savings, and financial freedom are all a part of financial health.
  5. Social- your overall interactions with people and the relationships you form. This could be friends, family, business, or otherwise.
  6. Spiritual- your overall inner feeling and awareness about your own self and your own self drive. This doesn’t have to come from a religion; it can simply be one’s own inner strength pushing and motivating them.
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Balance Me.

Why Maintaining Balance Is Important.


With all of these aspects in place it is paramount that they be maintained and conditioned so that you not only live a happy life, but you continue to evolve as well. Otherwise problems in one area can seep into other areas.

For instance if your finances are completely out of gear then it can affect your social life and relationships as well. Perhaps it causes more fights in your family, or you end up having to move, or disaster strikes and you are bankrupted by it. You might also feel very depressed over your life and feel a sense of hopelessness and failure which could also affect your physical health as well. When one becomes depressed they might stop eating or engage in other unhealthy habits.  Take care of your money like you take care of your body.  Treat it well and don’t fill it with junk.  Some parallels with finances and body can be found in Millionaire Fastlane.

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The Millionaire Fastlane.

Likewise with your emotional health. If you feel emotionally fulfilled you are more likely to take better care of yourself and engage in healthy habits. You’re more likely to set goals and set to improve your spiritual side as well so you can grow there and be well rounded. You’re more likely to have a healthy social life and feel more stable as well.  A great book on growing your social skills can be found with How To Win Friends and Influence PeopleThis site is gearing you up for a well rounded approach to balance with the tips, tools, hacks, and products that can make your life much better.

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How To Win Friends & Influence People.

This blog sets to get all of this in gear for your life so that you can see improvements and move forward.   What aspects do you feel you are best at? What aspects do you think you need to work on?



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