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The 7 Tenets of Discipline

The 7 Tenets of Discipline

Today I want to talk about the 7 main tenets of discipline and why they are important. Discipline is an important part of success in life but that the discipline needs to manifest from somewhere. here is where it comes from. These are 7 different core areas you should strive to master if you wish to succeed.

1. Self control.

Without self control how can you have discipline? People often define discipline as self control. There is no doubt that you need to be in control of yourself to be disciplined. Otherwise you won’t get much of anywhere. How can someone with no self-control claim to be disciplined?

Do you struggle with your self control? If so you might want to sit down and evaluate what is causing you a lack of control in your life? Do you have an addiction to something. This is the time to fix that problem.

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The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works

2. Motivation.

Motivation is what drives you to be disciplined in the first place. With no motivation discipline won’t follow because you will have no means to channel that discipline. What gives you the drive to push yourself and sacrifice to be disciplined?  Learn to not worry about what others think and keep pushing through.

Your motivation could be something as simple as waking up an hour earlier everyday or winning the Nobel Peace Prize. What matters is that you have a motivation in mind to guide your discipline.

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

3. Commitment.

Discipline requires commitment. Do you take what you want seriously? If not you will falter and won’t stick to it long. Many people have big plans that end up going nowhere because they never committed to it. This could be a business, a family, or anything else. It’s hard to achieve the discipline if you’re not willing to commit to what you want.

What are you committed to? What drives your commitment? For me I’m committed to accomplishing my dreams at all costs no matter what!

4. Focus.

Do you stay focused or get distracted easily? Focus is essential to discipline because you want to have consistency to push yourself to your dreams and get what you want. People without focus move on to one thing or another or drop off whenever something gets difficult. Focus is a core part of discipline.

Do you have a problem staying focused? What is your biggest weakness and distraction? Find that and reduce the amount of time you have exposure to it on a regular basis and in some cases you might want to dispose or completely eliminate what is taking your focus away. if it’s negative people, change who you’re around. If it’s a website, get a blocker for the site.

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Fast Focus: A Quick-Start Guide To Mastering Your Attention

5. Passion.

What is your inner drive? What lights the fire inside of you when your body wants to quit and your mind wants you to give up? You need to be passionate. That’s what separates the people who try once or twice and the people who try 100 times. When you get to the point where the money is barely flowing in and you’re told to “get a real job” what will you have to keep pushing when everything else tells you to give up?

6. Conviction.

What makes you hold your ground and stand by your beliefs when things get tough? What makes you go above and beyond over the edge? When your friends and family don’t stand by you and when society tells you that you’re going in the wrong direction? You need conviction as a cornerstone and a tenet of your discipline.

It’s often hard for most people to have conviction as they’re told to just put their faith in the life script or the government or some deity and just hope things get ok. Having conviction in yourself is very difficult to have in the beginning, but eventually if you put enough time into it you’ll find it’s one of your best allies.

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7. Purpose.

What is your purpose? Do you have an end goal in mind? If you have no purpose you’ll just wander around aimlessly and get nothing done. A purpose is what you need to even have a reason to be disciplined in the first place. Your purpose is where you start.

If you don’t have a purpose you need to sit down and define your purpose and then create your process around that purpose so you can see results in your life the way you desire. After you define your purpose then you can focus on disciplining yourself to get what you want.

How disciplined are you? Let me know in the comments below!



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