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The 3 Aspects of The Most Important Relationship of All.

The 3 Aspects of The Most Important Relationship of All.

1. Focus On Your Most Important Relationship.


People bombard us through our lives about relationships and the kind of relationships we should have. We’ve all heard things like how important it is to be in one and what kind of impact it has on your life. People are told if they aren’t in a relationship by a certain point (especially by the age of 30 or so) that they have failed or that something is wrong with them.

Society presumes that if people aren’t in relationships at that age that they must be living a life of loneliness and misery or that they are headed in that direction.  We’re told we should have an important relationship because “everyone else” does.

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Love Yourself.

In reality these people often fail to grasp the most important relationship of all. The relationship with themselves. If you don’t have a strong relationship with yourself then the other relationships in your life won’t really matter. When you use relationships this way it will just be to fulfill an empty hole in your life.

The idea should be to use relationships with others to enrich your life on top of what you have and not as a base. We all seek self fulfillment and there’s nothing wrong with that; in fact it is a great thing to put yourself first as a living being. We just want to seek self fulfillment in a way that is productive to our lives.

2. Don’t Seek Fulfillment From Others.


The problem most people face is that they have been indoctrinated with the idea that they need to be in a relationship of some kind or that they need to have someone around in their lives at all times no matter what. These people don’t often understand that there is a large difference between being alone and being lonely. Being alone simply means that there’s no one in your immediate presence at that given time.

The feeling of being lonely is when a person has a desperate need for companionship which is not being fulfilled. Unfortunately people don’t turn to the most powerful and amazing companion they have. Which companion is that you ask?

You guessed it, it’s yourself.

3. Why You Should Be Your Best Friend.


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How To Be Your Own Best Friend.

What other companion could be better than your own self? I spend my time with the favorite person on earth every day and that person is myself. What’s not to love? I have the same interests, hobbies, passions, and schedule as myself. I can’t betray myself. I always know what I want. I don’t make ridiculous demands out of myself and I have no need to compromise with myself. One also can’t argue with oneself and I even have the same taste in the opposite sex. You don’t have to worry about disappointment, jealousy, or resentment from your own self. I’m always trying to improve myself and I have my own best interests in mind at all times.

What other person can you say this about? I always know what I’m thinking too, so I don’t need a psychic connection. It’s a perfect match! Most people never get the time to know themselves and then seek to have people or noise around from children, significant others, pets, or other distractions just so they won’t feel lonely. If you aren’t your best self how will you have the best people in your life? Work on yourself first before adding others into the mix. If you get married and reproduce it doesn’t equal maturity.  Many immature people do that. Doing these things doesn’t prove that you’re responsible or mature in *any* way.

Stop forcing relationships with others and focus on making one with yourself.


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