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4 Reasons To Not Care What The World Thinks About Your Problems.

4 Reasons To Not Care What The World Thinks About Your Problems.

The world can be a cruel place.

The world is a rough place.

The world doesn’t care.

1. The World Simply Doesn’t Care.

In life we are taught that the world is a kind and caring place and that people are special snowflakes and that the world cares about all of us and our little problems. Most people in reality are too focused on their own problems as we all have so much to do. There are plenty of noises and distractions in life that tie people up and take up their time and energy. Life is full of obligations, stresses, and situations that come up all of the time. People are trying to feed themselves and take care of their family, or simply make it through the day.

Even the most famous people are eventually forgotten as time passes. The news comes and goes and people look at it and then go back to their lives. Life changes all of the time. Therefore there is no reason to wait for the world to feel sorry for you. You should focus on making your own life better. Most won’t make a mark on the world. If you want the world to care you have to give them a reason to.

This means you have to satisfy the inner selfishness of people. People want to know, “What’s in it for me?” If you can’t do this, then you won’t be able to make a true mark on the world whether it’s through products and services, or entertaining the masses. If you don’t give individuals a reason to care, they’re simply not going to bother caring at all as they’ll be caught up with the noise of life.

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2. Worrying About The World Is A Waste of Time.

As mentioned before the world is large and has its own things going on. The planet has billions of people you’ll never meet. People are dying constantly all around the world, and there are tons of emergencies and disasters. There’s simply no way that you can put the same priority in a stranger as you can in your own self. Life becomes impossible to live like that. If you’re going to work and you see the traffic has been slowed down because of an accident, you’re not thinking “I hope that person is ok.”. You’re really thinking two things: one is what the wreck looks like, and two is how they’ve slowed down the traffic so you have to wait longer.

It’s human nature to put yourself first. Worrying about the entire world and what’s wrong with it will simply set you up for tons of disappointment. Ignore the distractions and make yourself your best person. Start small and then grow outward. Then you can help people more. Evolve and grow yourself and be the best you can be. Many times people use the distractions the world gives them to avoid working on themselves. You see this all of the time with people who love to gossip. They have time to talk about everyone else but never work on their own problems.

Don’t be one of the people who gets their fulfillment merely by looking like they care and not actually doing anything. Don’t be a cause snob. It’s perfectly okay to be concerned about yourself and what’s going on in your own life. In fact I recommend you invest your time in yourself into making yourself the best person you can be.

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3. Focus on Yourself and Your Inner Circle.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and focus on bettering your own life instead of hoping that others feel sorry for you. It’s pointless and bluntly, pitiful. You’re better than that. Spend your energy on finding an inner-circle of like-minded individuals who can help push you further. You should be selective over who you allow into your own life because you don’t want the wrong people dragging you down into the mud.

These are the kind of people that should hold you accountable when things go wrong and also push you further when things go right. You don’t want to be around people who drag you down into the mud with resentment, laziness, jealousy, or their own problems. This can often be the source of your problems because 90% of your problems can come from 10% of the people. If you really look at your own life you’ll often find that the people who are causing you the most strife are in a minority. Probably at home, at school, at your job, or in some relationship. Isolate and remove these people.

Make sure they are not only similar to you but they can also support you when you struggle (which you will). it’s better to have a handful of people who are handpicked by you to by your allies than just worrying about the masses which contribute little. Likewise be sure to give your support back. In the end, realizing you’re not the center of the universe can be liberating. Why be the center of the spotlight? let someone else take on that burden and be free to do what you want.

4. Make Your Own Impact On The World.

Instead of worrying about the world caring about you, how about your shape your own environment and world and don’t let others drag you down? Don’t be passive in life, learn to be active and take risks to make your life the way you truly want it to be. Your life is yours to control and if you choose to control it the reward is far greater than if you just worry about others waiting for things to happen.

You only live once and the early bird catches the worm so to speak. Those who succeed are the people who choose to take action and don’t want to have any regrets in life. They want to leave their mark on the world and be glad they took the action they did. Be that person, not the person who sits around worrying.

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