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Top Ten Lies People Tell Themselves In Society

Top Ten Lies People Tell Themselves In Society

I’m going to take this from a difficult angle. One that’s more blunt and that most people don’t want to hear. In my own life I always liked to take a more honest approach to things and didn’t like the idea of people making up lies to “help” others. What starts out as helpful just ends up being harmful in the long term. the quicker you accept the truth, the quicker you can go about making your life the best it can be. Here are 10 of these “truths” below.

1. Looks don’t matter.

Sorry, but they do. How you look changes how people perceive you because people don’t know anything about you when they first meet you. Even when they do, they make different judgments based on your appearance. This is known as the halo effect and has an impact on your dating life, your friendships, your professional success, and even your emotional well being. How you take care of yourself says volumes about you. Having good genetics never hurts either, but you can control a lot about your appearance.

2. Money doesn’t matter.

This is just as bad as the first one. Money affects pretty much everything around you. There’s a saying that goes “money isn’t the most important thing, but it’s close to as important as oxygen“. Food, shelter, and clothing costs money. education costs money. Medicine and healthcare costs money, if you want to do interesting things, they all cost money. Money affects your life and the more you can free yourself from the money by not trading time for it, the better off you are.

3. “Love” is everything.

Aside from the debate of what love is and how it even exists, simply having feelings doesn’t replace common sense and logic. Having feelings for someone doesn’t mean you should tolerate abuse, neglect, mistreatment, or any other inconsistencies. If you are unhappy in a friendship or relationship you should move on. If family treated you wrong, you should move on.

4. “Like me for who I am, not for what I look like, provide, etc.”

Sorry but people judge you on your traits, and your traits are a part of you. If you’re funny that’s a part of you. If you look good, that’s also a part of you. If you are successful, that’s also a part of you. There is nothing wrong with being liked because you are good at certain things, as long as you are aware of it and embrace it. You have to bring more to the table than just a pulse. Imagine telling an employer, “Don’t hire me because of what I can do, hire me because of who I am.” It wouldn’t make much sense would it?

5. Feelings are more important than fact.

Nobody says this out loud but in our society people are ignoring reality more and more and substituting them with how they “feel”. Unfortunately your feelings don’t override reality. Just because something makes you feel bad doesn’t mean that it isn’t true and just because something makes you feel good doesn’t make it true either. It’s time to be an adult.

6. Friends and family are forever.

One of the cruel realities of life is that it changes. Nothing lasts and people come and go. One of the biggest parts of becoming successful is realizing this and making the most of it. As you grow, our environment grows. If you try to keep those along with you who have no incentive on advancing then you will be left behind. Upgrade the people you spend time with on a regular basis if they aren’t upgrading themselves.

7. The customer is always right.

Sorry about this but it isn’t true, you should aim for the best customers who work the best with you. If the customer knew everything they wouldn’t hire you in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with satisfying your customers, you are in business after all but if a customer causes you too much trouble the best way to deal with them is to give them to your competitors.

8. “I can change others”.

You cannot change others. Most people stay pretty much the same in their lives and only change themselves if they want to. It’s not your job to force others. Let people find the way for themselves. The energy you spend on “fixing” other people can be spent on you. The knuckle-headed family member, the bad boy, or the person you hope will change some day is a waste of energy. Focus on being your best self.

9. College and job security.

There is no security in a job nor college. College is extremely expensive time and money wise and many people end up in debt. There are fewer job opportunities in this economy. When you work there you enrich someone else while you can be fired at any time. Your security comes from yourself and what your plan is. You are responsible for your future. Not your employer. Stop following the life script.

10. Relationship security.

Happiness and security doesn’t come from others. These things come from yourself. The reality is that most relationships fail at some point or another, and if you’re married (and generally male) it will be a high cost to get out or if the other person leaves. Don’t rely on someone else to make you secure or happy. Take care of yourself. Enhance your life with relationships, don’t make them what your life is all about.

It’s not too late to fix your life if you believe in these “truths”. Start now!


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