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Vitamin D and Testosterone

Vitamin D and Testosterone

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There have been many articles and stories online about boosting your testosterone. It is often featured on many men’s sites and alpha male sites and the like. Why should people want to take it and what are the features of it? Vitamin D is a steroid hormone and you get it from the sunlight much like you get testosterone from the sunlight. It has a lot of beneficial traits and factors as well. Here are some of them below.

Great For Bones

Vitamin D is definitely great for your bones. It helps to strengthen and harden your bones along with calcium. Men with high testosterone have a different skeletal build than men without, (like shoulder width) but this is pretty much unchangeable by any noticeable margin after birth.

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Great for Muscles.

High testosterone is correlated with muscles. I’m sure you know that many bodybuilders take testosterone in different forms. When you have more testosterone your body recovers quickly after a workout which allows you to push your limits much quicker and do more intense workouts. This is especially prized in competitive markets where appearances matter.

I personally don’t recommend abusing steroids or anything of the sort, but you can definitely get testosterone in a more natural way, aka the sunlight. Make sure you’re getting your regular sun exposure.

Great for Sex Drive

IS your libido suffering? I mentioned before how zinc helps with your libido levels. However testosterone and sex drive has been highly correlated in men. Also vitamin D boosts libido levels in men and women. If you feel like you’re not in the mood often, consider getting some vitamin d and testosterone.

A great sex drive definitely helps keep you motivated to have sex. It’s also important because sex is an important part of your life. It’s the primal force that drives creation! If you’re not having a healthy sex life it could seep over and lead to other problems. Remember that balance is key.

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Great for Mood.

Do you find yourself depressed often and just not in the mood to do anything? Do you see yourself as lethargic? I know in the case of many guys some just always seem depressed and sad. They don’t have much of a motivation to do anything and they’re always down. They sit down and play video games while eating junk food and then they wonder why their life isn’t improving.

This is why I always tel you that healthy life habits matter. What you eat can affect your mood, and not getting enough sunlight also effects your mood. You ever noticed that it’s often the pale and pasty type of people who feel this way about life? Chances are that their poor diet, low sunlight, and low accomplishments have affected their mood.

Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D and testosterone to boost your body and your mind!


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