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2 Reasons “We Can’t All Be” Is A Bad Excuse.

2 Reasons “We Can’t All Be” Is A Bad Excuse.

“It’s Never My Fault”

1. Lazy Attitude, Mediocre Results.

I was reading this article the other day. It was essentially about people who are good looking or good at certain activities. Condensed, it was basically saying that people can’t all look like that and some got “lucky” so why bother. Since I am into personal growth and improvement, I find this a particularly annoying mentality to have. “I’m not going to get what I want with little to no effort so what’s the point?”  Essentially since “we can’t all be” something, then we shouldn’t try at all.

These are the same kind of people who make excuses throughout their lives when something doesn’t go their way. Instead of fixing it and changing course, they’ll say things such as:

“We can’t all be rich, that person was lucky.”

“We can’t all look like that, he/she has good genetics.”

“We can’t all have that level of talent, so why train?”

This is the mindset of the lazy. People who don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions and then blame their shortcomings onto others or act like they can’t change their own lives. This mindset is poisonous and very rampant. What’s worse is that it’s a part of our culture. The entire article was basically telling people that being fat is okay because we can’t all be genetic gods.

These are basically excuses since the reason those people (the lucky) stay in shape is because of their lifestyles and habits. People like this ignore the day to day sacrifices and triumphs people had to take, and instead blame it on luck or genetics to excuse their lack of willpower, courage, or work ethic. This is just a projection of their own shortcomings.

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2. Nobody Will Ever Be Equal.

That said there are no equals in life. Everyone is different in various areas and everybody has different strengths and weaknesses. Not everybody will look like a supermodel or be a billionaire or a pro athlete but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to improve your physical, financial, or other areas of your life. Furthermore, if you tell yourself you’ll never be something then you probably won’t as you already have set yourself up for failure mentally.

The real thing that people are neglecting to mention is that everyone won’t make equal choices. That’s the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t. While one person was eating junk food, the other chose not to. While one person chose to exercise, the other chose to sit around and do nothing. While one person is saving and investing, the other is spending like the money is burning a hole in their pocket. Why is this never mentioned?

This particularly annoyed me because people already eat poorly and take poor care of themselves in this country. This is why people making this argument is just maddening. Are people in other countries “just lucky” when they have kids and a family and a job and still cook and take care of themselves while being much poorer? Are people in other countries who don’t spend the way we do just lucky? What about their exercise habits?   How do they schedule things compared to most people?

Conversely what about the people who win the lottery and go broke? Are they just “unlucky” when this happens time and time again consistently? Most lottery winners go broke after all. People have to take more responsibility in their lives. If you see this post, stop making excuses and get off of your rump and improve your life.

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