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Wealth vs Poverty Part 4: Creating Process

Wealth vs Poverty Part 4: Creating Process

1. Success and Wealth Is Formed By Creating Process and Acting On It.


Wealth Mindset: I need to set a plan and use correct action to succeed.

Poverty Mindset: I’ll do whatever and whatever happens just happens.

A major part of the wealth mindset is wanting control in your life when it comes to results. The only way to get consistency and growth in those areas you want to thrive in is to make a process.  The next step is to turn it into a habit that you are dedicated to. This is the only way you can grow and develop in a way that you see the results you want. By not dedicating yourself to a consistent plan of action you’ll never see constant and powerful results. You will be too slow and not focused.  Therefore creating process is an essential element.

2. The Obsession With Instant.


Wealth Mindset: I need to make incremental habits and goals to reach my dreams.

Poverty Mindset: I want it now! Who wants to wait?

In life we romanticize the glory of instant success. Instant weight loss, instant money, instant hot girls, and the usual things you see in infomercials and advertisements. People want “right now” success without having to put in any of the work. They idolize and glorify celebrities and other people they see “hit it big”. What this mindset does is it conditions people to expect big things like they’re playing the lottery. They want huge results but don’t want any of the work involved.

Not only does this make success not likely, but people surrender all control in life by not taking charge themselves. Forging a path means you put life back on your own terms and you focus on what you want like a precision beam until you get it. This may seem uncomfortable at first, but in reality it frees you! You now can be exactly the person you want to be. Isn’t this better than just letting life wash over you and making no choice for yourself?

I’d say it is.

3. Making Setting A Process Part of *Your* Process.

An example I love to use is exercise and fitness because it’s so easy to understand.

Let’s say I want to get back into shape. It’s simply not just enough to imagine myself looking good. Wishing and fantasizing are not setting goals. I have to have consistent action on a regular basis or else I get nowhere. If I stop doing the consistent action I slip and my results start to fade. So my action might want to look like this:

  • Eat a healthier meal by replacing snack food 1 and 2 with healthier meal 1 and 2.
  • Each week replace one unhealthy food with 1 healthy food.
  • Start a 20 minute workout each day focusing 10 on cardio and 10 on muscle development.   You can use adjustable dumbbells for this that I listed below.
  • Start working out 3 days a week and each month add an additional day.
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Do you see how much better this looks compared to, “I’ll just imagine myself being in better shape and one day it’ll just happen“? Do you see how much control in your life you give up this way? It may take less effort but you’re missing out on many opportunities to experience things and grow in life.

It sounds preposterous but this is exactly what most people do with their lives. They just go through the motions with no forethought or real reflections. They just hope things happen and wonder why they don’t get any results. If you want to get better at playing an instrument, you have to be committed to putting in the daily practice to see results. It doesn’t sound as fun as those big stories you hear about people making it big, but the truth is those stories omit all of the “boring stuff” that led to the success to sound entertaining.

The truth is the boring stuff is the stuff that matters the most.

That’s the secret.

It’s the boring stuff!

Make the incremental mundane steps habit and you’re well on your way. Doing them isn’t enough however, you need to strive to *improve* at them.

4. This Takes Too Long!

To get the life that most people don’t have, you need to do the things that most people don’t want to do. If having an amazing life were easy, everyone would have one. The good news is that once you get a taste of things being great, you won’t want to go back. You will see the small incremental games in your physical, financial, or any part of your life.  Afterwards you’ll be motivated to keep going. It takes a lot of small steps to go that great distance.

It’s not just important because of the end result you seek. It’s also important because you need to get into the habit of making goals that require process. Mastering this will allow you to be much better at getting what you want.  It will be formulaic and you won’t need to think about it as much. This is where being “boring” is good because the less you think about it the more automated the process and journey will become.

You read that correctly. Setting goals and attaining them is a habit and a skill unto itself. If you get better at this you’ll come much farther in life. People who consistently succeed have mastered this trait while others flounder about.  Get used to planning and use a scheduler as well to make yourself more efficient.  I have one below that you can click on to learn more about.

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5. Stop Dabbling and Start Executing With Intelligence.

With this entire wealth series you should be getting closer and closer to being the person on the path to creating wealth. Just remember to keep these steps in mind and take them to heart and utilize them. Exit the path to mediocrity and come onto the path of excellence. It starts with the mindset.


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