HomeGeneralWelcome to Infinite Transcendence: The Realist’s Guide to Growth.

Welcome to Infinite Transcendence: The Realist’s Guide to Growth.

Welcome to Infinite Transcendence: The Realist’s Guide to Growth.

Welcome to Infinite Transcendence.


Welcome to site Infinite Transcendence.  This is a website designed with information that will help you grow and develop in various aspects in life. We also provide insight and commentary in several areas. The goal is for you to leave feeling much differently than you did when you first visited. The idea is to improve yourself mentally and then carrying that drive into other parts of your life.
I believe in complete and total growth all around in all aspects of life. Most people focus on one particular area whether it’s physical, financial, or social growth in the form of relationships. These aspects all important individually and you want to improve in these areas. However, a life that isn’t completely fine tuned and properly balanced is a life that ends up unstable. Think of it as a wheel. The wheel that runs best is a completely balanced circle essentially with all parts in balance. Once one of the parts are out of whack the entire ride becomes bumpy, uncomfortable, and much slower.

Why This Site Is For You.


When we travel we want to get to places as effectively and as comfortable as possible. We should take the same approach towards our own life while also enjoying it. A balanced life is a life where you are the best you can be and enjoy what life has to offer.  This is a life without constant struggling with health, financial, emotional, mental, or social issues. Once these issues spiral out of control you will notice it seep into other areas of your life. So the best approach is to take control of your life and grab it by the balls or else it will control you.

My goal is to share with you the most effective way to get there while cutting out filler.  Jargon is not necessary for growth. I’m a busy individual and I’m sure all of you are busy as well.  The last thing we have time for is wasting it on vague fluff and the same filibustering.

Sit back in your chair, grab a drink, relax, and let the transcendent experience make your own life evolve. Share with your friends and family as well because the more well adjusted people become the better life will be for all of us. The less mediocrity we have in society the better.

I am The C-Master and I hope to be sharing my knowledge and entertaining you for a long time to come. Thanks for dropping by.


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