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5 Ways To Avoid Being A Perfectionist.

5 Ways To Avoid Being A Perfectionist.

Similar to waiting for the perfect moment is trying to be a perfectionist.   Essentially you wait for something to be perfect before letting it launch. I myself can be a horrible perfectionist. When I’m involved in something that I really care about I want it to be impeccable, immaculate, and flawless. I don’t want any mistakes and I’ll sit and try to fine tune my product extensively.  I do this whether it is art, a website, or something else that I want to turn out well. This all sounds nice on paper but in reality you are putting a real hamper on your productivity if you engage in this.   It took me some time to break out of this habit in my business and my endeavors. Perfectionism is the killer of results.

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How To Be An Imperfectionist.

Waiting for things to never have any flaws will never come in reality. A perfectionist will always find something else to fine tune and adjust to make it that much better. In reality your competitors will have their product out in the market and will get results and more importantly, money. Time is money and perfectionism kills time. In this day and age when things move so quickly you want to stay on top of your work. You need to come up with a plan and push things out as quickly as possible and fine tune from there.

1. Do Your Research, but Make Deadlines.

Does that mean you should just ship a complete piece of garbage? No. You want to do your research and implement it effectively. The problem is you simply cannot be prepared for everything and you will always have to adjust to the market which in other words what the consumers demand. Many individuals have tried to come up with the perfect idea, work, or business only for it to fail because it *wasn’t* what the consumer wanted. No matter how much you want something is irrelevant if the consumer hates it or prefers something else. You are selling to the consumer after all and not to yourself.

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Minimalist Scheduler.

You’re better off doing your research and planning and then making deadlines and doing the work as you go along.  Think of it as a rough draft that needs constant tweaking instead of trying to make the “perfect” product. You’ll always have things to do along the way.  For instance I’m going through my old posts and editing them now to fit my more current style.

2. Learn To Adapt Along The Way

On top of that you waste a lot of resources on a “perfect build” when a beta build would make more sense. This way you can let customers use your imperfect product and then adjust it as necessary based on feedback. You could also use one of your other works or businesses to implement the idea first and see how the market responds to it before implementing it in your main work.
As an evolved person you need to be fast, intelligent and effective. That means the one thing you *especially* do not want to waste is time. Whatever you waste you cannot get back. Don’t focus on perfect, focus on being efficient, effective, and adaptive. You’ll see much better results, much like Steve Jobs and Henry Ford did when they had partners who influenced them to give up some control to get the product out in the marketplace.


3. Accept That You Will Make Mistakes

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The Gift of Failure.

Part of getting out of perfectionism is embracing that you will make mistakes and making the most of it.  Failing at something isn’t all that bad as long as you learn from it and move forward.  If you think you can learn something without ever making mistakes you’re setting yourself up for an even larger failure.  This is largely because our society and system teaches us that failure is bad and to do it shows that you are incompetent or inadequate in some way.  In reality the most successful people fail again and again.  Many times small and minor mistakes are no problem.  I remember in my other business I would spend all day on certain things and then I realized “Why am I spending so long on something when I can get paid just as much for finishing faster and doing a good job?”  The bottom line is that the very slight increase in quality wasn’t worth the large increase in time.

4. Accept That It Will Never Be Perfect

You have to accept that your product simply won’t be perfect.  Stop trying to make it perfect and settle for making it good enough to get the job done.  In reality there is a diminishing return on quality once it becomes “good enough” and most simply don’t want to pay the difference.  If you’re focusing on a more luxury product you can make it higher quality, but it doesn’t need  to be perfect.   Your time and energy would be better spent growing and exposing your brand.



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