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5 Reasons Why Holidays Are Stupid.

5 Reasons Why Holidays Are Stupid.

Considering the time of the year and typical tradition, this post is likely to rustle some feathers. It’s the holiday season and with that family gatherings, vacations, and other celebrations commence.  It’s what many people consider to be one of their favorite times of the year. The atmosphere, the music, the down time, and especially the gifts make up a major part of the holidays.   Halloween to New Years is considered the time where people anticipate having a good time and “sharing”.

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I’ve always wondered why that was and what was the big deal about all of it. As a kid I definitely liked opening Christmas gifts on Christmas day. My brother and I would aim to get gifts early as possible.  I never understood why it had to be on Christmas day and why it mattered. As I got older these things became less and less important to the point to me.  I don’t participate in them anymore, yet I still see family and others participating in it. The reasoning is because “it’s what they’re supposed to do”.

1. Holidays Are About Fitting In.

The very essence of a holiday is centered around fitting in.  It’s essentially, “We should celebrate these things because we’re supposed to and everyone else is doing it.”  I wouldn’t mind this as much if it were for “fun” activities, but in many cases people often do these things because they don’t want to be an outcast or be seen as a bad person.  People should want to celebrate out of the honesty of their own hearts not because they feel compelled to do it by society.  I think a person doing something simply because they felt like doing it drastically beats, “I’m doing this because I’m supposed to do it.”  It gets pretty stale, especially as you get older.

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It gets pretty bad as you see the same message about sharing and spending time with people blasted on television, commercials, and all kinds of ads.  In reality it’s a holiday based on selling things.  As  a business owner I have no problem with selling things or making money but the whole thing feels like a facade.  Go out and do something you really prefer doing.

2. An Obligation Is Not A Gift

Similar to the first reason, an obligation to do something doesn’t make it a true gift.

Why? Who says that you’re supposed to do these things at this time of the year? Where is the mandate that birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and other events have to be done this way? What need is there to celebrate them and do it in the fashion that we do? Whoever said this was a fool. These are not true gifts.

There’s nothing wrong with buying someone a genuine gift if you really want to, but buying a gift because you’re “supposed to” isn’t really a gift, it’s an obligation or a payment. I don’t want to be forced to buy anyone anything, or feel like I owe someone something. Also think of the message you’re sending others and especially children when you do this. You essentially teach them to expect to get things on a certain day or else there’s something wrong. If a person doesn’t have money to afford gifts they feel bad or like a failure, and most Americans are in debt and are still piling on more and more to buy these gifts just to look good and impress other people they don’t even like.


3. It Creates Hypocrites.

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Hypocrites & Half-Wits.

What is really irritating is that this is all from the individuals who go around saying “money doesn’t matter”. Of course they then rush to the store and push people over to buy material things they can’t afford just to impress others and fit in with people that they most likely don’t even like. Do people realize how ridiculous they sound when they say this?

My challenge to people this holiday season is just to go out and enjoy yourself with whomever without falling into the trends, or perhaps just to chill out. I’m spending my holiday in my robe working on some things and just relaxing on my own and I did it for Thanksgiving. I don’t feel miserable or sad in the least. In fact I love the peace and quiet. Don’t let the followers make you feel like you have to play the same game too.

Take the road less traveled.


4. Running Up Debt To Impress Others Is Foolish

As mentioned in the gift section we simply run up too much debt in the holidays.  It might be tradition but it’s a ridiculous tradition.  In fact we never used to run up the kind of debt we run up now for t he holidays.  In the past people actually paid cash for things.  Nowadays we’re expected to just run up credit card debt because it “helps” the economy.  No, what helps the economy is saving that money and putting it to more productive means like paying off debt or investing in something.  The interest you pay on these “gifts” end up being a curse later on.  The worst part is the people who do this seem to be the biggest advocates of the holiday seasons and do this to show how caring they are.

In many businesses the holiday seasons are a down time because many people stop paying for things that are more important like maintenance on their cars and houses to go out and by fluff and gifts to impress others.  I bet most don’t even realize this and assume business just goes up in general for the holidays.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

5. You Already Have Plenty Of Nice Things


Chances are you already have plenty of nice things sitting around, taking up tons of space.  I’m constantly getting rid of things and I hate having junky space that I don’t use.  I resell things, donate things, and give things away.  Many of Americans who are struggling to get by are awash in possessions that aren’t even use anymore while others don’t even have half of those things.  If you want to do gifts stop running up your debt and filling up your place with clutter.  Sell some things and buy yourself or someone else something nice.  Donate some things, or just give them away.  that’s a much more intelligent and practical use of your time. Enjoy the things you actually use and dispose of the things you don’t.

You don’t need holidays as a reason to do “nice” or decent things. Do them all of the time and grow yourself that way.


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