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9 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Religion In Your Life.

9 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Religion In Your Life.

God and Government. Some people follow one “G” and some follow the other.- The C-Master

1. An Unnecessary Philosophy.

A life of religion indeed. A life that is seen as the right life, the peaceful life, and a life that one should aspire to. A life of religion is seen as a life that is everlasting and truly rewarding. It is seen as the focal point of one’s life. To live a full life you must be religious and obey and serve those above you and most importantly some form of deity. This deity is generally known by most (especially in the western hemisphere) as “God”. The one above all and the anything and everything.

However is this how we’re supposed to live our lives and is this the ultimate purpose? Does religion actually make you a better person all around or is it just a failed ideology that is anachronistic and outdated? How has it managed to stay around all of these years if it’s a bad idea?

I grew up in a religious family. We weren’t diehard-fanatic religious, but we did attend church on Sundays and often on Wednesdays and of course on holidays. The “normal” type of religious. Cursing was bad, too much violence was bad, and sex on tv and movies was the worst. Typical of American values. In this time span we are often beaten over the head with ideology and values that we are “supposed” to follow and not question. If you had questions there was something wrong with you. As a person that likes to ask questions this was the beginning of it not fitting with me.  I’m here to discuss why you don’t need religion.

2. Life Goes On Without Religion.

In my teenage years I was exposed to my father’s side of the family who was religious and I learned that my grandfather was a pastor as well. He stopped for some time and focused on his mechanic shop he owned but then he did it again later on. They were more serious about it and held religion at a higher regard. I thought it was a bit much but I also noticed many of them didn’t follow it. My father for instance was a notorious womanizer and like most people he wasn’t married when he was having his many flings. Nonetheless I still went to church and was religious but I often questioned the pragmatism of many things religious. I never gave others a hard time for *not* being religious, but I still did it. I was more of one of the “understanding ones”.

As I reached my adulthood I started to change more and more of my values in regards to many things. Relationships and religion were two of those things I changed my mind on greatly. Many things I thought I was “supposed” to do, I realized they weren’t necessary and in many cases I found them to be harmful. It was at this point I slowly started to evolve more and more away from this because I found that my life was the best when I lived it my own way and didn’t have to rely on others to tell me how to live it. I was in command of my own ship and while it required more responsibility it was very rewarding.

Now I make it clear that I don’t and I’m very proud of not being religious and I haven’t been in quite some time. Life is much better because of that fact.

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3. Religion Inhibits Growth

One of the cornerstones of the support of religion and the fellowship is that it promotes growth. I find this to be absurd and one of the largest problems of religion. It stifles growth and restricts people by not allowing them to be their very best. Religious institutions want obedience and submission from their fellowship which means they focus on getting you to take the agency and control from your own life. As we’ve discussed before freedom is a responsibility that’s necessary for proper growth. When you take control of your own life you take responsibility for it in exchange for making it whatever you want. You are the captain of your own ship.

The problem with religion is it takes away this part of your life, the responsibility and the freedom. It’s no longer up to you to be 100% in control of your life, you need God to be in control of your life. God takes over your life and thinks for you since you are incapable of doing it. This is not a mentality of strength, but one of weakness. If you wait for God to make your own life better, then it won’t happen. Making your life better is a process of personal development and changing behavior, not simply just hoping for it to be better.

This is also common and people who wish for the government to bail them out. They take away all control of their lives and throw it into some other entity or being. By doing this you are essentially submitting yourself to them and their will. You need to take responsibility for your life to make it better and master it.

4. Religion Is Alienating

Religious people often like to talk about caring and sharing and being accepting, but in practice are often some of the most intolerant people around. If you don’t fit into their ideology they’ll figure you need saving at best, or that you’re an enemy at worst. Since people tend to organize in communities they tend to cut off people who don’t have the same religious beliefs as they do. They figure there must be something wrong with people who have no desire to live a religious life. In reality there is often something wrong with these individuals.

What’s worse is many often try to force these ideologies on you. As a person who was religious but isn’t anymore, it’s is very difficult for me to talk to other family members and friends who are. They can’t help but preach about church and ask if I’m still religious. These people are as annoying as those who think that everyone needs to be married and have kids to be happy. When you point out their own lives and how they have lots of their own personal flaws, they don’t take that very well. It’s always amazing how people who don’t have their own lives together always manage to tell other people how to live their own lives.

Since when is it their place to judge others? It’s another heaping contradiction that’s frustrating to deal with.

5. Religion is often used as a tool for violence and control.

Religion isn’t inherently bad in and of itself. People are free to believe with they want. However, as we all know power can tend to corrupt and many religions have a lot of influence. No different than government, these authoritarian institutions are often used as a tool for control and violence. This is less of an issue in the western hemisphere where they use other methods that I will discuss later. However the intolerance and violence historically has been very bad with religion and still is in other parts of the world. There are countless acts of terrorism, violence, and killings that use religion as an excuse to do them.

As I said before I don’t think religion itself *leads* to violence. More that corrupt people use the massive influence of religion and government to commit these acts by using propaganda and force to support their cause. The Catholic church owns tons of land and is extremely influential and also sells their influence to other unscrupulous individuals.

There are also many instances of the church telling people in poor countries to reproduce when they can’t afford to sustain themselves. These individuals in hopelessness turn to religion as their salvation. Many times leading to scams.

These are many of the unsavory things that happen with churches and religion.


6. Religion Supports Corrupt Individuals and Freeloaders.

Sure nobody is perfect and every institution has corrupt individuals whether it’s government, church, school, or business. However many of these institutions have people who were unsavory and corrupt who end up being excused by the church. In many cases priests and others who are pedophiles are often simply moved around to new churches or they are granted fancy lawyers who are paid for at the expense of those who attend. Those who have had their own children molested. Think about that for a bit.

Aside from the pedophiles there are countless scam and con artists in church who are only in it for the money and use it to scam individuals. I know of a church I used to attend with my family when I was younger where the pastor was laundering money and caught selling church property. He effectively pimped his church. At the same time he apologized and was caught laundering money again. There are even pastors who put on a spectacle while pimping their church and don’t shy away from mentioning money.

What’s worse is that these are tax free institutions so they are effectively being subsidized in many ways by other individuals-whether they’re religious or not! I’ve seen firsthand the mismanagement of money in these churches time and time again. One church we went to decided to move to a much larger building without the finances or the audience to support it. They ended up unable to pay for the property in short order and having to move back. The damage had been done though as many left, including my own family at the time.

7. Religion Is Full of Contradictions and Nonsense.

Religion is full of things that make no sense. It’s full of double standards, hypocrisy, and inconsistencies. You’re forced to either be a hypocrite or just be dumb to accept it. Many of the ancient stories are either believed to be true or just written off to be “lessons”. How many people believe in people coming back from the dead? What about all of the ancient and outdated laws that are no longer in practice in our society. Do these things just not matter anymore and are swept under the rug? Then you have different religions that believe in different things on top of that. Which is the right path?

Many religions have beliefs that are just borrowed from other religions or myths. For instance you’ll see that many parts of Pagan beliefs are part of many modern religions. These are often intentional. The more things keep you confused and don’t make sense, the more they can feed you dogma and just order you around. Many of these techniques are done in network marketing for instance where they establish a “connection” and then exploit it for gain.

So what do you do? Do you just believe it completely like a fundamentalist? Do you believe part of it and just “go with it” because you think it’s your ticket to heaven and an afterlife? If God is as real as people say you couldn’t fake your belief because he’d see right through it.

Make the most of your own life.

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8. Religion Is Forced Compassion and Fear

The problem with religion is that people feels it teaches compassion and being kind. The problem is that it isn’t genuine kindness because it is forced. If you need a bunch of rules and regulations and guides telling you how compassion works then you’re not doing it properly. A life of compassion is a full-time thing you do through your life and not through a sense of obligation. How many people go to church and then come home and engage in the same behavior as before? With any part of self growth you have to be committed all of the way otherwise it is a hopeless and pointless endeavor. Many people feel if they just “follow the rules” they’ll be good enough. This trains the mind to lead a path of mediocrity and comfort and not to actually make one’s life better.

Perhaps the worst of all however, is that religion is used to market fear. Whether it’s through violence, terrorism, and threats (you’re going to hell) religion plays on the most primal drive people have. When the reward and “do the right thing” based system fails, they resort to scare tactics. Apparently if you don’t believe you have an afterlife of torment. Many people have heard this so much through t heir lives that they never thought otherwise. Their parents simply brainwashed them when they were young and the fear stuck with them.

If you don’t obey you’re a sinner, a failure, and unclean. Even if you live a healthy, successful , and exciting life there’s still something wrong with you if you’re not suffering for the church. This idea of “sacrifice for someone’s gain” is inherently a collectivist and Marxist like ideology that is abused by the people in charge to benefit at the expense of others.

9. Control Your Own Life and You Won’t Need Religion.

As a person that believes in individual responsibility, this is not the way to live. Your life is your own and it is short so make the most of it that you can. Try different things, see what works for you, and master yourself in every way possible. Taking charge of your own life may seem difficult at first, but it is more rewarding when you get accustomed to it because you live the life that most dream of.

Expecting a deity to “take care of you” or to “bail you out” when things are wrong won’t make your life better. Blaming your life on others won’t improve it either. You have the hand you’re dealt with and it’s your job to make the most of it.


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