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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Go To College.

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Go To College.

Never let school get in the way of your education.

Ah college, that one major step that we make from youth to adulthood. That time that symbolizes freedom, maturity, and growth. The one point where we get to step out in the world and take a crack at things on our own.

The time we drown in debt and end up with no profitable work opportunities.

Society often shoves many mantras down our throats and one of the biggest is that “you need to go to college”. The reasoning ends up being something about “education”, “great experience”, or “get a good job”, but are these things really as true as people say they are. Is college really that important in modern times? More and more people are going to college and it costs more and more money. In a time where profitable opportunities are often quick and inexpensive, I’m here to argue that college is *not* necessary for the overwhelming majority of people.

Like forms of conventional “wisdom” it is not wise at all and most people are just following the crowd. This refusal to change strategies is a major factor in the mediocre or poverty mindset. Doing what the majority does simply means you end up like the majority.

1. College Is A Large Drain of Time and Resources.

College is very expensive and in more ways than one. Don’t believe me, check these statistics.

Average Cost of College Statistics for 2016

The average cost for an in state tuition at a public college is almost a whopping 10k per year. That’s over 40k per education when you look at books and possible room and board. On top of that many people sit in college for almost 6 years in many cases. Think of that and shudder.

It requires a substantial amount of money and a very substantial time investment. Most people spend 4-6 years getting a degree which means they aren’t getting a “real job” until their twenties and in many cases they already have a small mortgage called a college degree. There’s no land or building to show for this mortgage and you can’t even absolve this debt in bankruptcy. The reason for this is because if the loans were guaranteed and people could, many would just file bankruptcy instead of paying off the debt.

It makes you wonder why they have these programs in the first place? They always end up having the opposite effect. Notice the increase of college costs steadily rising past the cost of inflation.

The reason that college has such a high cost is the same reason that people say is a good thing. It’s because “everyone” goes. With degrees a dime a dozen and easy loans making it “affordable” the schools can jack up their rates more and more while simultaneously offering less and less value. The amount of money some of the staff makes is extraordinary. Many professors are making well into the six figures. These outrageous sums are because of all of the money these colleges receive with inflated tuitions.

The nine colleges in America with the most ridiculously overpaid professors

Furthermore many of these schools have amenities that are there to draw youth into going. This makes the college more like a fun club with a very high price tag than an educational experience. This is especially apparent in modern times with internet and current technology that makes dispensing information very fast and cheap. Hell some colleges like Harvard even offer the information online *for free*. Talk about high educational value. If you want something, there are countless ways to get it. This is something that college doesn’t want you to actually know because it cuts into their bottom line.  Get a Ramen Noodle Cooker and textbooks and have your college experience at home.

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2. College Has A Very High Opportunity Cost.

Similar to the above, you are giving up plenty of time while in college. As we know on this site, time is especially invaluable. This time could have been spent getting experience and developing skills in other areas. Furthermore when the overwhelming majority of people with degrees aren’t even getting good jobs, it’s even more of a gamble. Many students are unemployed or underemployed and struggling to pay off the bills. Now the rhetoric has changed from “get a degree and get a great job and not work at McDonald’s”, to “get a degree so you can get a job at McDonald’s”.

Some promise.

Think of the 4-6 years you spent in college. You could have lived debt and expense free at home for a few years while working your way up. You could have then gotten your own place and had a used car and built up a lot of savings. By the time your buddies get out of college you’ll be ahead of them with far less debt to boot. Many of them will work entry jobs with no experience while you’re ahead of them. I’ve known many people with great jobs with little to no college experience.

Not to mention you can start a business or invest instead of putting those resources in college. With the internet, businesses are cheaper than ever. You can make money with a smaller investment and in 4-6 years be far better off. Even if you failed you would have had some real WORLD experience instead of being pointlessly indoctrinated in a classroom.


3. Avoid The Brainwashing

College definitely has a specific agenda. It is not an unbiased institution and due to the nature of the teachers who tend to work for government and value security, the schools tend to be very politically correct on mostly left leaning issues. They are also biased in terms of you continuing to go and fill their pockets. This is no surprise.

There is a lot of propaganda at these schools. As expected they’re pro minority, female, gay, and all of the other typical mantras. As a person that knows people are what they make of themselves it can be annoying even if you fall into one of the special interest groups. Not to mention you even have classes that are based around these areas which of course are a waste to society as the only thing you can do with these courses is teach the same thing again.

It’s essentially a Ponzi scheme of degrees. Bernie Madoff would be proud.

You’ll find the “you need a degree” ideology stronger than anywhere else in college, and you’ll often find that professors often grade on their own metric and their metric can vary widely. If your teacher is a Marxist (extremely common) and you’re not, you can expect to have a lower grade. This is especially showing in business and economics type courses.

Avoid this altogether and think for yourself by getting experiences and trying different things in life.

4. Only A Small Percentage of Professions *Require* It.

I recommend that you only go if you need it.

How do you know if you need it? Well if it’s a doctor, lawyer, or basically any STEM type of job, getting a degree is pretty much mandatory so you’re hosed there. However if the profession pays really well, then it is a worthwhile investment. If you have everything paid for it can also be a good investment but beware of the time cost!

This is essentially the type of mindset I wish to encourage. Think of college as an investment like anything else. Not all investments are equally suitable for each individual and many can be avoided. Go to a cheaper school for instance. If you see that there is a huge expense with minimum payoff, run! Don’t be the suckers who spend 5 or 6 figures for social or liberal arts degrees. That’s just a road to poverty and misery.

Use your time and resources wisely. When many of the most successful people who ever lived never went to college or dropped out you can assure it’s not necessary.  You can be productive and plan without having to go to college to do it.

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In fact something like 75% of billionaires under the age of 40 never went or dropped out.

5. You Don’t Need College To Be Social

This is yet another misconception. You have a lot of clueless people claiming, “You should go for the fun and the experience.”


You can socialize, get laid, and party without going to college. Hell you can even audit classes for free if you want to learn things (simply ask to do it). You can go the campus and get a parking pass and meet people, and you can make connections and even have parties if that’s your thing. By not blowing your money on classes you can spend it doing different things and meeting different people. You can spend it on taking girls to dates (if that’s your sort of thing).

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This idea that you should drown in debt so you can have a “fun experience” is just silly and you end up paying with less fun down the road. Who says college are the only fun years? Your life is as fun as you choose to make it. Don’t sacrifice your future for a “fun” today. There are many girls (or guys) out there that you can meet anywhere. Not the mention the networking you could do if you were out actually doing things besides sitting in a classroom.

Don’t be a follower. Especially with the social media sites, the only person who is stopping yourself from being social is you. There a1re even websites with local events going on all of the time and you can even set the radius you want to search in. The money you waste in college could be spent traveling and seeing the world for instance. Far more fun and more of a memory than the typical college experience.

Carve Your Own Path

Hopefully by now you are seeing why college is really not that necessary. I may not reach every person, but I hope the ones who are reached will be thankful they got this advice instead of following the crowd. The numbers don’t lie. College is more often than not a bad investment.

Lead your own course and be better off in the long run. That is what counts.


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